Automated selection of cooling system for radio electronic design of thermophysical
Goryachev N.V., Trusov V.A., Yurkov N.K.
Computer-aided design of low-thust rocket engines using the domain-specific knowledge database and CAE / CAD systems
Ryzhkov V.V., Morozov I.I., Lapshin E.A.
Model for the estimation of design work acceleration by parallelization of iterative process in research-intensive mechanical engineering
Komarov V.A., Kremenetskaya M.Y., Sologub A.V., Filatov A.N.
Optimization of fatique validation cost for redesigned transport aircraft
Kleptsov V.I.
Optimization of the design of a railway searchlight in the ANSYS software environment
Abulkhanov S.R.
Development of an algorithm of design calculation of a combustion chamber for microturbine electric power plants
Matveev S.G., Abrashkin V.Y., Orlov M.Y., Lansky A.M., Makarov N.S., Matveev S.S., Anisimov M.Y.
About the probes for measuring pulsations of pressure in the flowing part gas turbine engines
Shorin V.P., Gimadiev A.G., Bystrov N.D., Ilinskij S.A.
Problems of unmanned spacecraft reengineering in abnormal flight situations and their knowledge-based solutions
Akhmetov R.N., Makarov V.P., Sollogub A.V.
Design of led spotlight secondary optics producing required irradiance distribution
Belousov A.A., Moiseev M.A.
Optimization of honeycomb sandwich floor panels made of polymer-matrix low-combustible composite materials based on high-strength carbon and glass fibers and adhesive binder
Komarov V.A., Kutsevich K.E., Pavlova S.A., Tyumeneva T.Y.
Сhoice of materials for producing dimensionally stable load-carrying structures
Bitkin V.E., Zhidkova O.G., Komarov V.A.
Development of small satellite structure taking into account the use of laser measuring systems
Shaposhnikov S.N.
System design of follow shearing dies for cutting sheet blank
Pochekuev E.N., Skripachev A.V., Shenberger P.N.
Opntimization of business processes for design and technological planning of production using SADT technologies for the Samara metallurgical plant "ALCOA"
Zelenev A.V., Khaimovich I.N.
Designing of low-flow rate slider bearings for turbomachinery rotors
Parovay E.F.
Experimental and design analysis of models of cyclic compression for a multilayer multispan package of corrugated sheets
Eskin I.D., Alkeev R.I., Ivashchenko V.I.
Conceptual framework of designing complex bundles of aircraft on-board cable network
Koptev A.N., Myasnikov A.Y.
Optimal design of an induction heater of minimum length
Mednikova V.A.
Development of a single-section demonstrator rotary engine on the basis of a modern complex design procedure
Kostyuchenkov A.N., Zelentsov A.A., Semenov P.V., Minin V.P.
Correlation and regression model for the assessment of circular non-uniformity of the gas temperature field at the outlet of small gas turbine engine combustion chambers
Lukachev S.V., Abrashkin V.Y., Lansky A.M., Matveev S.G.
Modern approach for design management in production enterprise integrated information space
Ivaschenko A.V., Kremenetskaya M.E., Filatov A.N., Peisakhovich D.G.
Coordination of process management mechanisms for design and technological planning of production at the level of staff members
Kirichenko A.S., Khaimovich I.N.
Analysis of models of fuel elements while using of surface mountng
Knyazeva G.N., Krasnoshchekova G.F., Tyulevin S.V.
Automated generation of structural members of a spacecraft thermal model
Kulikov D.S., Shatin A.A., Velmisov I.G.
Influence of high technologies on production technological prototypes of missile engines
Kodencev S.N., Suhochev G.A.
Analysis of temperature separation efficiency in vortex gas flows
Biryuk V.V., Kurnosov N.Y., Tarnopolsky A.V.
GTE parts optimal design
Temis Y.M., Yakushev D.A.
Application of stereolithography prototypes for gas dynamic tests
Matveev V.N., Shabliy L.S., Krivcov A.V.
Verification of a design model and evaluation of a technique of manufacturing aircraft engine composite parts on the basis of dynamic tests
Zinin A.V., Arkhipov A.N., Kholobtsev D.P., Ravikovich Y.A., Shevjakov A.O., Kholmanova M.A.
Choice of design parameters of universal platforms of small space vehicles
Volotsuev V.V., Tkachenko I.S., Safronov S.L.
Сalculated analysis of the influence of operation and design factors on the parameters of oxygen-hydrogen low-thrust rocket engines
Ryzhkov V.V., Morozov I.I.
Introduction of model-based approach to design aircraft
Agaphonov O.A., Vakhrushev D.E., Pryadko S.P., Schukin A.V.
Choice of design characteristics of «garbage collector» spacecraft with a low-thrust electrojet engine
Ishkov S.A., Filippov G.A.
Accuracy control method for space complex products at the stage of design engineering
Yelenev V.D., Shuplyak Y.P.
State science and technology policy in the Soviet Union during the pre-war period
Bannikova N.F.
Research of influence of the thermal stream from the mid-flight liquid rocket engine on parameters of operating liquid rocket engines of small draught in the conditions of perspective razgonnogo's propulsion system of the block
Ageenko Y.I., Galperin R.N., Ivashin Y.S., Nigodjuk V.E., Ryzhkov V.V., Sulinov A.V.
Methodological support for the training of UAV designers and operators
Lukyanov O.E., Zolotov D.V.
Calculation of sleeve-shaped filter elements made of the MR material
Zhizhkin A.M., Lazutkin G.V., Volkova T.V.
Parametric analysis of thermoacoustic travelling-wave engine operation with external heat application
Dovgyallo A.I., Zynovyev Y.A., Vorotnikov G.V.
Friction control on changing parameters of friction pairs using sequential feeders
Rybaltchenko D.Y., Bystrov N.D.
Estimation of mass-dimensional characteristics of a complex propulsion unit of earth remote sensing spacecraft
Kurenkov V.I., Kucherov A.S., Yakishik A.A.
Spacecraft preset orbital parameters control by means of thrusters
Salmin V.V., Volotsuev V.V., Shikhanov S.V.
Method of choosing a source of funds for project implementation by means of a project financing method
Shcheglov S.V.
Development and analysis of compressed bending process in a die with an elastic punch
Komarov A.D., Yeskina Y.V., Ponikarova N.Y.
Development of methods of modeling and computer aided design of gas turbine engines
Krivosheev I.A., Kozhinov D.G.
Metrological analysis of a device rof nondestructive control of flight vehicle fuel tank current conductive coatings
Samsonov A.S., Blinov D.I., Skvortsov B.V., Zhivonosnovskaya D.M.
Conception of base graphic and geometric training for bachelors of standardization and quality management
Gavrilov V.N., Ivashchenko V.I.
System for assessing the consistency of radioelectronic device design and the manufacturer’s technology at the stage of mastering
1 1.
Hierarchical and associative relations between the terms in the thesaurus in a designer’s dictionary taken as an example
Borgest N.M., Shustova D.V., Gimatdinova S.R.
The using of computational modeling for design of gas turbine engines with decreased blowout nitrogen oxides
Gulina S.A., Orlov M.Y., Uglanov D.A.
Complex approach to aerodynamic design of inlet ducts with submerged vortex-free air intakes
Kornev A.V., Boychuk I.P.
Reduction the influence of geometric axes of the skew elements of a pair of valve-saddle on the sealing ability and resource of the valveseal
Mulyukin O.P., Samsonov V.N., Kshumanev S.V.
Ways of increasing the reliability and service life of bearing assemblies of modern gas-turbine engines and gears
Petrov N.I., Lavrentyev Y.L.
Design and technical characteristics of transport airplane for arctic exploration
Kuprikov N.V., Dolgov O.S., Kuprikov M.Y., Ivanov B.V.
Symmetric airfoil shape optimization using the adjoint gradient method for viscous turbulent incompressible flow
Pechenik E.V.
Procedure of designing a pilot operated gas pressure regulator for launch vehicle fuel tanks
Gimadiev A.G., Sverbilov V.Y., Stadnik D.M.
Automated construction of a 3D plane model at the stage of technical proposals
Borgest N.M., Aleev R.H., Aksanian P.A., Gromov A.A.
Airfoil shape optimization using the adjoint gradient method
Pechenik E.V.
Procedure of comparative assessment of the efficiency of Earth remote sensing satellites with different optoelectronic telescopic complexes
Stratilatova N.N., Kurenkov V.I., Kucherov A.S., Egorov A.S.
Method of choosing spacecraft design characteristics on the basis of creating task-oriented systems of computer-aided design
Kucherov A.S., Kurenkov V.I.
Metodological basis of the development of a problem-oriented system for selecting design parameters of space vehicles
Stratilatov N.R., Kurenkov V.I., Kucherov A.S., Yakishik A.A.
Selection of sites and angles for placing star coordinators of remote sensing satellites
Akhmetov R.N., Kurenkov V.I., Stratilatov N.R., Fedorenko O.G., Shilov L.B.
Digital design of heat-resistant dimensionally stable carbon laminate (CFRP) structures
Komarov V.A., Kishov E.A., Laikova O.G., Pavlov A.A.
Choosing the mixing pattern for oxygen-hydrogen low-thrust rocket engines
Ryzhkov V.V., Morozov I.I.
Efficiency of using electric propulsion engines for the task of keeping in a near-circular orbit
Ishkov S.A.
Features of the new gas turbine aviation engines theory course
Mingazov B.G., Kosterin V.A., Varsegov V.L.
Schemes, parameters, work process, characteristics and structure of long-range interception aircraft engines
Kovalev A.V., Sanin V.N., Krivenok A.G., Korolenko V.V.
Volume and mass mathematical models of single-stage centripetal ultralow power turbines
Grigoriev V.A., Kalabukhov D.S., Rad'ko V.M.
Assessing the strain-stress state parameters of cutting tools and parts during machining
Stepanov A.A., Haimovich A.I.
Research methodology of radio electronic development of early theoretical methods in the design
Zatylkin A.V., Golushko D.A., Lysenko A.V.
Main results of use CAE/CAD-systems in the process of design and calculation of the working processes in internal combustion engine
Biryuk V.V., Uglanov D.A., Kayukov S.S., Gorshkalev A.A., Vakarchuk A.A., Burdanov A.M.
Methods of evaluating low-cycle fatigue of gas turbine engine parts exemplified by a high-pressure turbine cover plate
Kocherova E.E.
Methods and means of accelerating particles of natural and technogenic origin
Semkin N.D., Sukhachev K.I., Dorofeev A.S.
3d virtual simulation and casting process optimization of part GTE "Swirler of II duct" with using computer technologies
Vdovin R.A.
Method of calculating dynamic designs of space launch vehicles for designing systems of stabilization of their motion
Lobanov V.A.
Experimental determination of acoustic loads daunches of Strela LV and calculation of test modes for a spacecraft to be delivered by it to space
1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Procedure of accomodation of earth remote sansing satellite external devices with regard for the satellite target operation
Akhmetov R.N., Shilov L.B., Kurenkov V.I., Yakischik A.A.
Internal controls board computer system running real time operation system as an iterative aggregate
Dolbnya N.A.
Methodology of the adaptive graphic and geometric training for the computer aided design teaching
1 1.
Conception of the student work place arrengement for the computer aided design base teaching
1 1., 1 1.
Choise of the range and levels of varying the factors of the experiment plan for testing single-stage ultralow power turbine
Grigoryev V.A., Radko V.M., Kalabukhov D.S.
Calculation of durability of working section of progressive divider valve by a method of final elements
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Computer-aided design of programs for CAM-systems based on the use of intelligent pattern mechanical processing of standard elements
Popovich A.V., Levschanov V.V., Lisov K.A., Chavkin E.M.
The concept of generalized method of calculation and design of wet cleaning duct GTD
Silaev B.M., Malcev E.N.
Obliteration’s problems in capillary-porous structures of aerospace hydro systems’ parts
1 1., 1 1.
Optimal design of sandwich floor panels made of high-strength composite materials considering stiffness constraints
Komarov V.A., Pavlova S.A.
Sales training methods based on through the use of CAD / CAM / CAE systems for aero engines
Balyakin A.V., Ermakov A.I., Pronichev N.D., Chempinsky L.A.
Decrease in toxicity of transport diesel engines by neutralisation nitrogen oxide of the fulfilled gases
1 q., 1 1.
Optimization of design diffuser of GTE combustion chamber with using CAE-systems
Orlov M.Y., Matveev S.S., Zinkovskiy V.S.
Planning a factorial experiment for testing a single-stage ultralow power turbine
Grigoryev V.A., Radko V.M., Kalabukhov D.S.
Project of 30 000 h.p. power gas turbine
Zrelov V.A.
Mathematical modeling of interaction a high-frequency torch discharge with construction elements of radio equipment
Kostin A.V., Piganov M.N., Stolbikov A.V.
Experimental research and selection of design parameters of the onboard microaccelerations state and compensation monitoring equipment on the low-orbit space microgravitational platform
1 1.
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