Ensuring vibration characteristics of reactor plant centrifugal pumping equipment
Savchuk D.V., Bescherov D.E., Kulikov D.A., Panov V.A., Patrushev V.L., Porfiriev M.S., Soloviev S.A.
Survey of the flight efficiency of a long-haul aircraft under uncertainty of tasks
Markiewicz P.
Leader competition in biological and social systems
Pivovarova A.S., Steryakov A.A.
Methodology of designing a space transport system including a “DM” chemical upper stage and an electric rocket transport module
Russkikh A.S., Salmin V.V.
Small-sized two-coordinate sensor of the Sun’s angular position with enlarged field of view
Dyuldin R.S., Blinov V.D.
Validation of the “stage – diffuser” system numerical study and its use for design modernization
Cherkasova M.G., Semakina E.Y., Chernikov V.A.
Modeling of dynamic processes in micromechanical inertial sensors and their components using specialized software
Barulina M.A., Pankratov V.M.
Method of individual selection of parts for selective assembly of electrohydraulic servo drives
Medvedev A.V., Khalatov E.M.
Step-by-step simulation of wear of working surfaces in roller bearings
Klebanov Y.M., Murashkin V.V., Brazhnikova A.M.
Double-electrode electrochemical cell volumetric and flat simulation using ANSYS program
Nekhoroshev M.V., Pronichev N.D., Smirnov G.V.
Three-dimensional inhomogeneous thermal fields of the “Photon-Amur 2.0” payload electronic board developed for nanosatellites
Fomin D.V., Barulinа M.A., Golikov A.V., Strukov D.O., German A.S., Ogorodnikov A.A.
Complex failure analysis of aero engine compressor blades
Sachin V.M., Tumanov N.V., Lavrentyeva M.A., Cherkasova S.A.
Dynamics of the hydromechanical system of a production machine with an adaptive tool-feeding drive
Sidorenko V.S., Poleshkin M.S., Rakulenko S.V.
Calculation of parameters of the Deal–Grove model for the oxidation of silicon
Aizikovich A.A., Demakov Y.P.
Numerical and experimental study of the strength of fabric carbon-epoxy composite structures
Komarov V.A., Kishov E.A., Charkviani R.V., Pavlov A.A.
Introduction of model-based approach to design aircraft
Agaphonov O.A., Vakhrushev D.E., Pryadko S.P., Schukin A.V.
Dimensions of controlled on CMM flat surfaces as an influencing factor of their coordinate-positional parameters measurement errors
Cheveleva A.O., Bolotov M.A.
Log-periodic oscillations in hierarchical models
Pivovarova A.S.
Analysis of stress distribution in the dangerous section area of specimens with fillets under bending using the finite-element modeling method
Vakuljuk V.S.
Flight-navigation complex diagnostics at the aircraft manufacture stage
Koptev A.N., Kirillov A.V.
Creative 2D-modeling
Bykov A.V., Karabcheyev K.S.
Ways 3D parametrization TJ blades for use CAD/CAM/CAE packages
Smelov V.G., Shitarev I.L.
Test case of 3d unsteady swirling flows modeling using commercial and in-house codes
Nazukin V.A., Avgustinovich V.G., Thornber B., Aguado Lopez P., Tsatiashvili V.V., Koromyslov E.V.
Analysis of contact interaction of polymer honeycomb core and CFRP base layers in sandwich-core constructions
Pavlova S.A.
Study of mechanisms of low cycle fatigue crack propagation in aero engine disks under operating conditions and disk residual life estimation
Tumanov N.V., Cherkasova S.A., Lavrentyeva M.A., Vorobyeva N.A.
Selection of reference specimens for assessing the efficiency of part surface nitriding
Sazanov V.V.
Study of characteristics of the vortex throttling valve for the sysytem of water sample conditioning
Gimadiev A.G., Utkin A.V.
Application of dynamic modeling to the evaluation of influence of strengthening treatment on fatigue resistance
Kostichev V.E.
Synthesis of dynamic modes of attitude motion of spacecraft with solid propellant rocket engine
Balakin V.L., Doroshin A.V., Krikunov M.M.
Role of volume modeling in preparation specialists for innovative mechanical engineering
Ermakov A.I., Chempinsky L.A.
Resonant method of accelerating non-magnetic materials
Syomkin N.D., Piyakov A.V., Voronov K.Y., Sukhachev K.I.
Dynamic method of investigating stress concentrators of the YMZ-238 engine crankshaft considering surface hardening plastic deformation
Bukaty A.S., Kostichev V.E., Deniskina E.A.
Modeling stable growth of fatigue cracks in aero engine turbine discs under simple and complex loading cycles
Tumanov N.V., Lavrentyeva M.A., Cherkasova S.A., Servetnik A.N.
A model of Markov random field in texture image synthesis and analysis
Plastinin A.I., Kuprijanov A.V.
The influence of engineering changes on NOx emission in a gas-turbine endine combustion chamber
Mingazov B.G., Baklanov A.V.
Mathematical model of turbofan engine weight estimation taking into account the engine configuration and size
Avdeev S.V.
The numerical modelling of processes in combustion chambers of low thrust rocket engines
Salich V.L.
Types of aeroelastic vibrations of turbomachinery bladed discs
Koskin A.O., Seleznev V.G.
Analysis of combustion models applicability for designing combustion chamber with a large number of nozzles
Mingazov B.G., Yavkin V.B., Sabirzyanov A.N., Baklanov A.V.
Computer-aided design of aircraft gas turbine engines and selection of materials for their main parts
Akhmedzyanov D.A., Kishalov A.E., Markina K.V.
Analysis of the stressed state of high-speed extrusion process
Kostyshev V.A., Pityugov M.S.
Modelling system of cooling nozzle-sprayer hydrogen steam generator
Lazarenko I.N., Prigozhin A.A., Shmatov D.P.
Analysis of contact stresses in drawing round products
Kargin V.R., Kargin B.V., Kolesnikova S.Y., Sergeev Y.A.
Numerical study of free convection in long vertical cylinder at constant vertical gradient of temperature on lateral surface
Khoroshev A.S.
Kinematic and dynamic analysis of the basic mechanism of the Wankel engine, based on its vector model
Kosenok B.B.
Statistical modeling of the process of serving the leaving passengers at the international Kurumotch airport
Romanenko V.A.
Mathematical model of sequential feeders for centralized lubrication systems
Rybaltchenko D.Y., Shakhmatov Y.V., Belov G.O., Ilyukhin V.N.
Effect of non-uniform compressor flow parameters on the characteristics of a gas turbine engine combustion chamber
Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Zubrilin I.A., Matveev S.S., Tsybizov Y.I.
Aspects of simulating stable low-cycle fatigue crack growth in the main parts of aircraft gas turbine engines
Ryabov A.A., Mokhov K.Y., Voronkov O.V., Kudryavtsev A.Y., Museev A.A.
Gas turbine engine dynamic model based on variable-memory LSTM architecture
Kuznetsov A.V., Makaryants G.M.
Impact of the turbulence modeling approach on the accuracy of the fan noise level prediction
Pyatunin K.R., Arkharova N.V.
Research of liquid outflow from low-emission swirl injectors of a low-thrust liquid rocket engine
Semkin Y.V.
Using an ionization probe removed from the sparking plug for the development of a two-zone ICE combustion model
Ivashin P.V., Rybakov M.P.
Development of parameter-orientedmodels of bladed disks for static strength analysis
Shklovets A.O., Urlapkin A.V., Boyarov K.V.
Mathematical modeling of processes of compression and expansion in the piston pump with a gas damper
Shcherba V.E., Pavlyuchenko E.A., Kuzhbanov A.K.
Solving tasks of control and targeting for remote sensing devices by systems of processing and analysis of visual information
Sbrodov V.V., Sviridov V.P., Safronov S.G.
Controlled percolation and optimal two-phase operations in large-scale networks of nanosatellites
Mostovoi Y.A.
Multi-scale complex failure analysis of aero engine compressor disks
Tumanov N.V., Porter A.M., Lavrentyeva M.A., Cherkasova S.A., Vorobyova N.A., Lyoshin D.P.
Computer simulation of thin-walled tube sink drawing
Kargin V.R., Kargin B.V., Pastushenko T.S., Yerisov Y.A.
Modelling of a municipal transport route network
Belokurov S.V.
Development of an algorithm of design calculation of a combustion chamber for microturbine electric power plants
Matveev S.G., Abrashkin V.Y., Orlov M.Y., Lansky A.M., Makarov N.S., Matveev S.S., Anisimov M.Y.
Life of gas turbine engine components under corrosive exposure
Pivovarova M.V., Gladkiy I.L.
Estimating the efficiency of a bypass turbojet engine on the basis of a serial gas generator as a part of the power plant of a high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle
Zinenkov Y.V., Lukovnikov A.V., Popov A.V., Nechaev V.N.
Mathematical modelling of the working process of a hot gas pressure feed system
Salich V.L.
Vortex gas wind-driven power plant for supplying compressor stations with electrical energy
Biryuk V.V., Zubrilin I.A., Krasnorutskiy A.S.
Simulation of operaiting cycle by Petry nets
Zelenskiy V.A., Konnov V.P., Schodro A.I.
Residual stresses distribution regularities in the smallest section of hardened hollow cylindrical detail with circular cut
Sazanov V.P., Larionova Y.S., Kolychev S.A.
Investigation of the causes of the auger-centrifugal pump bearing destruction
Gafurov S.A., Rodionov L.V., Shahmatov E.V.
Optimization of design diffuser of GTE combustion chamber with using CAE-systems
Orlov M.Y., Matveev S.S., Zinkovskiy V.S.
Constructing simulation models of self-similar telecommunication traffic
Blagov A.V.
Methods of remote sensing data processing for the improvement of output images quality
1 1.
Computer design of the gear cutting process using gear hob cutters
Polyanskov Y.V., Gismetulin A.R., Nikolayev A.V., Gribovskaya K.V.
Calculation of spatial distribution of energy of a complex radiator
Yevdokimov I.Y., Nikolaenko V.S., Filippov G.S., Yashchenko B.Y.
Vortex wind power plant
Biryuk V.V., Krasnorutskiy A.S.
Strength calculation of parts based on stress state stiffness
Bukatyi A.S., Bukatyi S.A.
Training for innovative engineering through through parametrization
Balyakin V.B., Ermakov A.I., Chempinsky L.A.
Analysis of the mechanism of fatigue crack arrest in a cylindrical notched specimen
Sazanov V.P.
Peculiarities of computer modeling of the working process in small gas turbine engines
Kuz'michev V.S., Tkachenko A.Y., Ostapyuk Y.A.
Analysis and modeling of current-voltage characteristics of the tunnel diode
Piganov M.N., Dmitriev V.D., Tyulevin S.V., Kochkina A.V.
Study of residual strained state components distribution in the smallest section of superficial hardened part with a circular cut by finite-elements modeling method
Sazanov V.P.
Numerical modeling on dynamic process of injection in supersonic part of the nozzle
Yakovchuk M.S.
Vortical gaz-wind-energy plant
Biryuk V.V., Zubrilin I.A., Krasnorutskiy A.S.
Transformation of longitudinal deformation wave at the boundary of conjugation of bars with an elastic element
Manzhosov V.K., Novikova I.A.
Development of advanced low thrust rocket engines with ecologically friendly propellants
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Designing a system of automatic data transfer between Unigraphics NX4 and Catia V5 systems saving the construction tree
Nikolayev A.V., Maximova O.I., Tchernikov M.S., Zaikin M.A.
Mathematical modeling of dynamic processes in a hydraulic drive with a discrete regulator of liquid flow
Shakhmatov Y.V., Gimadiev A.G., Sverbilov V.Y., Sinyakov A.F.
Economic-mathematical model of space-rocet industry restructuring
Vagapova N.R.
State of the art of theory and technology of incremental forming
Grechnikov F.V., Surudin S.V., Erisov Y.A., De Alvarenga R.
Modeling and experimental research of the multi-level drawing and geometric training system
Ivashchenko V.I.
Computational and experimental research of exhaust gas treatment systems
Galevko V.V., Rakhmatov R.I.
Modeling orbital tether system deployment with limitations on the deployment speed
Ishkov S.A., Filippov G.A., Xiaoye X.
Experience of operational development of starting characteristics of the APU combustion chamber
Chechulin A.Y.
Comparison of mathematical simulation results and experimental research of PVD-K3-1 air pressure probe
Moiseev V.N., Dubinina M.M., Pavlovsky A.A., Sorokin M.Y.
3d virtual simulation and casting process optimization of part GTE "Swirler of II duct" with using computer technologies
Vdovin R.A.
Optimization of casing on mass with ensuring requirements for deduction of the ragged blade
Krundaeva A.N., Gabov D.V., Maralev A.Y.
Research of notch radius and depth influence on residual stresses distribution character in the smallest cross-section of surface hardened detail
Sazanov V.P., Larionova Y.S.
Statistical phenomena of greater distributed clusters of nanosatellites
Mostovoy J.A.
Productivity enhancement by modelling based ONMRPII/ERP systems
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Peculiarities of electrohydraulic servo drive correction
Mesropyan A.V.
Analysis of the results of fatigue tests of cylindrical specimens with fillets using the method of finite element modeling
Vakulyuk V.S.
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