Methodology of designing a space transport system including a “DM” chemical upper stage and an electric rocket transport module

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The article is devoted to the development of a methodology for designing a space transport system that has, in comparison with traditional injection scenarios, higher characteristics of the mass of the payload to be launched into high-energy orbits, including a geostationary one. The method is implemented by the systematization of design calculations and proposals for the rational design of interorbital vehicles with a combined propulsion system and the development of an algorithm for creating an electronic model of an interorbital vehicle in an automated designing PTC Creo system. The article considers algorithms for calculating the design parameters of the electric rocket transport module and ballistic parameters of the spacecraft flight to the target orbit. A method of forming conceptual design of an electric rocket transport module based on the obtained design parameters is also proposed. An electronic model of an electric rocket module was developed in a three-dimensional modeling system. The model displays the structural design of the module in accordance with the design parameters obtained and satisfies the design requirements imposed by other components of the space transport system. The proposed method makes it possible to design a space transport system that includes a DM upper stage and an electric rocket transport module designed to implement a combined payload injection scenario.

About the authors

A. S. Russkikh

S.P. Korolyov Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”

Author for correspondence.

Head of Department

Russian Federation

V. V. Salmin

Samara National Research University


Doctor of Science (Engineering), Full Professor, Director of the Research Institute of Space Engineering

Russian Federation


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