Validation of the “stage – diffuser” system numerical study and its use for design modernization
Cherkasova M.G., Semakina E.Y., Chernikov V.A.
Features of design calculation of compressor spool flow path of a twin-shaft gas turbine engine core on the basis of 1D and 2D models of their working process
Matveev V.N., Goriachkin E.S., Popov G.M., Baturin O.V., Kudryashov I.A.
Study of the efficiency of the application of gas dynamic stabilization of the flame in a current engine
Belonozhkin V.V., Teslya D.N.
Gasdynamic and strength improvement of the axial flow turbine of a helicopter gas turbine engine
Goriachkin E.S., Popov G.M., Matveev V.N., Shcherban A.I., Kudryashov I.A., Melnikov S.A.
Results of conjugate modeling and analysis of the thermal state of a high-pressure turbine blade
Matveev V.N., Melnikov S.A., Popov G.M., Zubanov V.M., Kudryashov I.A., Shcherban A.I.
Verification of a transonic stage CFD model for assessing the erosion wear influence on the operation of the axial compressor
Blinov V.L., Zubkov I.S.
Formation of a method of choosing rational values of ultralow power turbine parameters in a turbine drive system
Kalabuhov D.S., Grigoryev V.A., Rad’ko V.M.
3D investigation of heat exchange and hydrodynamics of high pressure turbine nozzle block platforms with different cooling schemes
Gorelov Y.G., Ananyev V.V., Zolotuhina D.A.
Off-line long-life unservice close gas organic fuel-powered turbine
Arbekov A.N.
Improvement of gas turbine engines due to isothermal expansion in the turbine
Muraeva M.A., Gorjunov I.M.
Design of the gas turbine engine rotor wheel with ceramic blades
Sapronov D.V., Reznik S.V.
Special aspects of numerical simulation of a two-stage axial-flow compressor with defective blades
Blinov V.L., Zubkov I.S., Iskortsev E.Y., Belyaev O.V., Plishkin P.I.
Structure and physico-mechanical properties of heat resistant gazoplazmennyh coating NiCrCoAlY/ZrO2 for turbine blades of gas turbine engines
Tarasenko Y.P., Tsareva I.N., Berdnik O.B., Fehl Y.A.
Methods of evaluating low-cycle fatigue of gas turbine engine parts exemplified by a high-pressure turbine cover plate
Kocherova E.E.
Mathematical models for evaluating the energy efficiency of ultralow power turbine drives
Kalabuhov D.S., Grigoryev V.A., Rad’ko V.M.
Validation of CFD-models of gas turbine engine uncooled turbines
Matveev V.N., Popov G.M., Goryachkin E.S., Smirnova Y.D.
Project of 30 000 h.p. power gas turbine
Zrelov V.A.
Series of diagnostic indicators of gearbox teeth wear in aircraft gas turbine engines
Sundukov A.Y., Shakhmatov Y.V.
Development of methods of designing modern gas turbines
Inozemtsev A.A., Khairulin V.T., Tikhonov A.S., Samokhvalov N.Y.
Application of thermoplastic hardening for restoration of fatigue durability of gas turbine disks
Vishnyakov M.A.
Design of bimetallic impeller for gas turbine
Magerramova L.A.
Peculiarities of computer modeling of the working process in small gas turbine engines
Kuz'michev V.S., Tkachenko A.Y., Ostapyuk Y.A.
Influence of pad geometry and method of oil supply on the thermal state of GTE rotor tilting-pad journal bearing
Parovay E.F.
Evaluation of turbine rotor blade life taking into account static and thermal cyclic loading
Badamshin I.K.
Gas-turbine unit development experience for rotors wedging correction
Kozlyakova I.S., Krupin V.P., Potkin A.N., Fadeev V.A.
The effect of heat recovery on the optimal values of helicopter turboshaft engine parameters
Omar H.H., Kuz'michev V.S., Zagrebelnyi A.O., Grigoriev V.A.
Improvement of fretting wear resistance of blade root made of polymer composite material
Karimbayev T.D., Afanasiev D.V., Matyukhin D.V., Orlov M.A.
Numerical study of possibility of reliable diagnostics of gas turbine engine by gasdynamic parameters using a linear mathematical model
Gerasimov A.B., Sundukov M.Y.
Research of the postoperational condition of the restored compressor shovels of GTD gas-transfer of the units which have fulfilled the appointed resource
Tarasenko Y.P., Tsareva I.N., Krivina L.A.
Research of the operability of an air-fuel lubrication and cooling system of gas turbine engine rotor bearings
Klimov V.N., Dud’ev D.Y., Sigaylo V.Y., Klimov N.I., Mashkov Y.K.
Development of a multiuser system web-interface as a tool of using mathematical packages for solving engineering tasks
Danilenko A.N., Zhdanov I.A.
Evaluation of low cycle fatigue based on the use of Coffin-Manson dependence under zero-to-“soft” loading cycle
Pavlov V.F., Kirpichyov V.A., Kocherova E.E., Zlobin A.S.
Using the «virtual engine» software in automatic control system of gas turbine engine
Golberg F.D., Gurevich O.S., Petukhov A.A.
Application of numerical simulation systems for the research of the blade casting process in blank production
Smelov V.G., Vdovin R.A., Agapovichev A.V.
Modeling of propane combustion processes in case of converting a GTE combustion chamber to gaseous fuel
Matveev S.G., Lanskiy A.M., Orlov M.Y., Abrashkin V.Y., Dmitriev D.N., Zubrilin I.A., Semenov A.V.
Research of the validity of forecasting low cycle durability of gas turbine engine parts based on Manson’s equation
Porter А.M., Bukatyi S.A., Leshin D.P.
Experimental investigation of a small-sized centrifugal compressor for a closed-brayton cycle gas turbine power system
Arbekov A.N., Novitskiy B.B.
Approaches to parametric models of blade machines formation
Shabliy L.S., Popov G.M., Kolmakova D.A.
A technique to estimate efficiency of turbine underplatform friction dampers
Nikhamkin M.S., Sazhenkov N.A.
Dependence of required turbine inlet temperature at cruise mode of long-term flight on bypass ratio
Rybakov V.N.
Discrete phase converters moving elements rotating units power units
Danilin A.I., Grechishnikov V.M.
Effect of cavity width on performance of pre-swirl systems
Didenko R.A., Karelin D.V., Ievlev D.G., Lebedev V.V., Belousova E.V.
The influence of operational and technological factors on the dynamic parameters of elastic elements of elastic damping rotor supports
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Way of increase in efficiency of cycle gas turbine units
1 1.
Simulation of the distributed selection and supply of cooling air in gas-turb engine
Goryunov A.I., Goryunov I.M.
Calculated study of tangential inclination of nozzle vanes influence on gas-dynamic efficiency of axial turbine stage
Baturin O.V., Matveev V.N.
Improvement of the quality of the surfaces of monowheel blades of liquid rocket engine turbopump assemblies
Mozgov S.A., Panov D.V., Saushkin B.P.
Investigation of the characteristics of the component of vibration of gas turbine engine gearbox that causes fatigue failures of its structural elements in case of tooth flank wear
Sundukov A.E.
Design of experiments for verification of computational life prediction methods
Samsonova O.V., Fetisov K.V., Karpman I.V., Burtseva I.V.
Comparative analysis of facilities for the implementation of thermoplastic hardening blades of gas turbine engines and pumping units
Karpov A.V.
Experiment-calculated research of the influence of the shot-peening strengthening upon the low-cycle fatigue of the gas turbine parts with the stress concentrator
Porter A.M., Bukaty S.A., Leshin D.P., Bukaty A.S.
Optimization of fuel distribution in the afterburner of a gas turbine engine
Nelyubin V.R.
Improvement of friction units of power plants by aplying ceramic composite spray coatings
Siluyanova M.V., Fertikov A.O.
The influence of booster design features on aicraft engine fan tonal noise
Khaletskiy Y.D., Korzhnev V.N., Pochkin Y.S.
Optimization of the workflow of multistage axial turbines with platforms
Matveev V.N., Baturin O.V., Popov G.M., Goryachkin E.S.
The concept of matching the joint operation of the combustion chamber, the compressor and the turbine
Grigoriev A.V., Golubchikov P.P., YIlushin M.Y., Rudakov O.A., Solovieva A.V.
Development of the construction of a gas turbine engine vane with built-in vortex tubes
Veretennikov S.V., Barinov S.N.
Development of a prototype of a multi-loop closedbrayton cycle gas turbine power system
Arbekov A.N., Novitskiy B.B.
Gas turbine engine designing on the basis of a unified gas generator
Rybakov V.N.
Selection of optimal configuration and workflow parameters of autonomous micro gas turbine plant
Baturin O.V., Smirnova Y.D.
The defectoscopy of the fatigue cracks in the gas turbine parts by means of eddy-current method
Porter A.M., Bukatyi S.A., Leshin D.P., Vasilchuk M.V., Galickyi A.A.
Influence of the initial design data uncertainty on the choice of optimal working process parameters of gas turbine engine
Kuzmichev V.S., Tkachenko A.Y., Rybakov V.N., Krupenich I.N., Kulagin V.V.
Circuit design receipt autodynes signal to converter displacement parameters elements rotating parts of turbune unit
Danilin A.I., Gretskov A.A.
Effect of radial location of nozzles on width on performance of pre-swirl systems
Didenko R.A., Karelin D.V., Ievlev D.G., Lebedev V.V.
Influence of the loading parameter on the efficiency ofa three-stage turbine of turbojet bypass engine
1 1., 1 1.
Probabilistic estimate of compressor blades durability to foreign object damage
1 1., 1 1.
Seal designing in a structure of the cooling system in gas turbine engine
Vinogradov A.S., Myatlev A.S.
Test case of 3d unsteady swirling flows modeling using commercial and in-house codes
Nazukin V.A., Avgustinovich V.G., Thornber B., Aguado Lopez P., Tsatiashvili V.V., Koromyslov E.V.
Choice of gas temperature at the turbopump turbine inlet
Ivanov A.V.
Method of coordinating joint operation of air starter and auxiliary power unit and determining the gas turbine engine starting time
Popov G.M., Baturin O.V., Novikova Y.D., Zubanov V.M., Volkov A.A., Korneeva A.I.
Life of gas turbine engine components under corrosive exposure
Pivovarova M.V., Gladkiy I.L.
Bases of methodology of maintenance of system safe operation of engines at all stages of life cycle
Grigoriev V.A., Kuznetsov S.P.
Ensuring permissible level of gas turbine dynamic loading in operation by means of standard engine control devices
Chervonyuk V.V., Korovin B.B.
Proposals for improving the efficiency and service life of the turbines of turbo-pump assemblies in liquid-propellant rocket engines by using double-sided crest-type radial labyrinth seals
Levochkin P.S., Chvanov V.K., Vasiliev V.S., Timushev S.F.
Optimization of ducted counter–rotating fan blades on the basis of solving a 3d inverse problem with the aim of improving fan gasdynamic characteristics
Mileshin V.I., Pankov S.V., Fateyev V.A., Shchipin S.K.
Morphological characteristics of the intermetallic phase of heat resisting nickel alloys
Kirikov S.V., Perevezentsev V.N., Tarasenko Y.P.
Laser powder weld reconditioning of gas turbine engine blades
Korsmik R.S., Turichin G.A., Klimova-Korsmik O.G., Zemlyakov E.V., Babkin K.D.
Research of hydrodynamic processes in the lubrication system of gas turbine engines
Gulienko A.I., Shchurovskiy Y.M.
Vortex gas wind-driven power plant for supplying compressor stations with electrical energy
Biryuk V.V., Zubrilin I.A., Krasnorutskiy A.S.
Computer-aided system of virtual gas turbine engine testing
Tkachenko A.Y., Rybakov V.N., Krupenich I.N., Ostapuk Y.A., Filinov E.P.
Optimization features of the working process parameters of bypass engine on the basis of given gas generator
Rybakov V.N.
Computational research of multistage turbine flow taking into account flow spatial structure and associated volumes
Baturin O.V., Senchev M.N., Dzhibilov P.T.
Design solutions to provide thermal protection of three-shaft turbofan engine turbine support oil cavities
Petrukhin A.G., Boev A.A., Butylkin S.V.
Problem formulation of bypass engine parameters optimization with a preselected gas generator
Kuzmichev V.S., Kulagin V.V., Tkachenko A.Y., Krupenich I.N., Rybakov V.N.
Operational testing of thermoplastic reinforced blades
Krutsilo V.G., Krotinov N.B.
Rotor in gas bearings dynamics experiment-calculated investigation
Temis Y.M., Temis M.Y., Egorov A.M., Gavrilov V.V., Ogorodov V.N.
A separator skidding in the cylindrical roller bearing between shafts of the gas turbine engine
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
the research of the influence of the maximal stress duration in the cycle of loading upon the low-cycle fatigue and the long-term strength of the turbine shaft made of the material ЭИ 961-Ш
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
The oretical substantiation of the constructive scheme of the air-gas tract rinsing device for GTE
Silaev B.M., Mal’tsev E.N.
Development of an algorithm of design calculation of a combustion chamber for microturbine electric power plants
Matveev S.G., Abrashkin V.Y., Orlov M.Y., Lansky A.M., Makarov N.S., Matveev S.S., Anisimov M.Y.
Technology of low-emission fuel combustion and conceptual structure of the combustion chamber of a gas-turbine power plant
Tsybizov Y.I., Tyulkin D.D., Vorotyntsev I.E.
Mathematical model for calculating the mass of a heat exchanger in problems of optimizing the parameters of the working process of aircraft gas turbine engines
Kuz'michev V.S., Omar H., Tkachenko A.Y., Bobrik A.A.
Calculation of lubricant flow in the slide bearing of the aviation engine reducer
Siluyanova M.V., Fertikov A.О.
Оptimization of gas turbine aircraft engine control throughout the engine service life
Gurevich O.S., Golberg F.D., Smetanin S.A., Trifonov M.E.
Planning a factorial experiment for testing a single-stage ultralow power turbine
Grigoryev V.A., Radko V.M., Kalabukhov D.S.
Analysis of the possibility of using topology optimization in the design of uncooled turbine rotor blades
Vasilyev B.E., Magerramova L.A.
Experience of operational development of starting characteristics of the APU combustion chamber
Chechulin A.Y.
Development of methods of carrying out experimental research of measurement errors for sets of geometrical parameters on NC equipment as in the case of a turbine disk
Bolotov M.A., Alexeev V.P., Pronichev N.D.
Fulfilment of initial design level of gas turbine engine using the methods of «ASTRA» CAE system
Kuzmichev V.S., Krupenich I.N., Tkachenko A.Y.
The task of creating the bypass engines of various thrust levels using the given gas generator
Kocherov E.P., Kuzmichev V.S., Kulagin V.V., Fedorchenko D.G.
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