Gasdynamic and strength improvement of the axial flow turbine of a helicopter gas turbine engine
Goriachkin E.S., Popov G.M., Matveev V.N., Shcherban A.I., Kudryashov I.A., Melnikov S.A.
Formation of a method of choosing rational values of ultralow power turbine parameters in a turbine drive system
Kalabuhov D.S., Grigoryev V.A., Rad’ko V.M.
Peculiarities of computer modeling of the working process in small gas turbine engines
Kuz'michev V.S., Tkachenko A.Y., Ostapyuk Y.A.
Evaluation of turbine rotor blade life taking into account static and thermal cyclic loading
Badamshin I.K.
Gas-turbine unit development experience for rotors wedging correction
Kozlyakova I.S., Krupin V.P., Potkin A.N., Fadeev V.A.
Off-line long-life unservice close gas organic fuel-powered turbine
Arbekov A.N.
Improvement of gas turbine engines due to isothermal expansion in the turbine
Muraeva M.A., Gorjunov I.M.
Design of the gas turbine engine rotor wheel with ceramic blades
Sapronov D.V., Reznik S.V.
Special aspects of numerical simulation of a two-stage axial-flow compressor with defective blades
Blinov V.L., Zubkov I.S., Iskortsev E.Y., Belyaev O.V., Plishkin P.I.
Structure and physico-mechanical properties of heat resistant gazoplazmennyh coating NiCrCoAlY/ZrO2 for turbine blades of gas turbine engines
Tarasenko Y.P., Tsareva I.N., Berdnik O.B., Fehl Y.A.
Methods of evaluating low-cycle fatigue of gas turbine engine parts exemplified by a high-pressure turbine cover plate
Kocherova E.E.
Mathematical models for evaluating the energy efficiency of ultralow power turbine drives
Kalabuhov D.S., Grigoryev V.A., Rad’ko V.M.
Validation of CFD-models of gas turbine engine uncooled turbines
Matveev V.N., Popov G.M., Goryachkin E.S., Smirnova Y.D.
Project of 30 000 h.p. power gas turbine
Zrelov V.A.
Development of methods of designing modern gas turbines
Inozemtsev A.A., Khairulin V.T., Tikhonov A.S., Samokhvalov N.Y.
Application of thermoplastic hardening for restoration of fatigue durability of gas turbine disks
Vishnyakov M.A.
Design of bimetallic impeller for gas turbine
Magerramova L.A.
Mathematical model of turbofan engine weight estimation taking into account the engine configuration and size
Avdeev S.V.
Algorithm for predicting the vibrational state of a turbine rotor using machine learning
Bolotov M.A., Pechenin V.A., Pechenina E.J., Ruzanov N.V.
Gas turbine engine rotor bearings electrical current damage on the base of NK-family engines for electrical generator drive
Nazdrachev S.V.
Development of elements and parameters of LNG fuel system with cryogenic piston pump and gas receiver for road gas turbine locomotive
Bukin V.A., Rudenko V.F.
Application of additive technology of selective laser melting (SLM) in designing a low emission combustion chamber of a gas turbine plant
Yeliseev Y.S., Fedorchenko D.G., Golanov S.P., Tsibisov Y.I., Tyulkin D.D., Vorotyntsev I.E., Ivchenko A.V.
Analysis of schemes of correction of dynamic characteristics of acoustic probes for measuring pressure pulsations in a gas turbine engine
Gimadiev A.G., Bystrov N.D., Dyagileva E.S.
Assessment of gas turbine engine airfoil surface microstructure
Nosov N.V., Abramov A.D., Kosulin S.I.
Testing of gas turbine engine bearing oil supply through an oil-catch ring
Boev A.A., Petrukhin A.G., Mikhailov A.A.
Research of toxic substances emission during water injection into a combustion chamber
Mingazov B.G., Mukhametgaliev T.H.
Computer-aided design of aircraft gas turbine engines and selection of materials for their main parts
Akhmedzyanov D.A., Kishalov A.E., Markina K.V.
Experimental research of heat exchange in a plane channel using the regular thermal regime mrthod with different Biot numbers
Kolesova E.G., Veretennikov S.V., Zhornik M.N.
Installation for strengthening local thermoplastic turbulent disc
Krutsilo V.G., Nikishov O.V.
Working conditions analysis of rotor supports bearings in aviation gas turbine engines and energetic units structure
Zrelov V.A., Makarchuk V.V., Prodanov M.E., Sudarev A.A.
MR vibration dampers development to reduce vibration and noise in gas turbine locomotive and their equivalent vibration tests
Ermakov A.I., Lazutkin G.V., Parovay F.V., Troynikov A.A.
Numerical simulation of gas temperature spatial distribution in a one-burner sector of a gas turbine combustor with uncertain initial conditions of fuel atomization
Kostyuk V.Y., Kirilash Y.I., Stasyuk A.V., Shein V.V., Karzov D.V.
Aerodynamic improvement of GTE compressors by space profiling of blade vanes
Gerasimenko V.P., Shelkovsky M.Y.
Studying the influence of the gas-dynamic non-stationary factors on the mathematical modelling of the gas turbine engines nonsetup work modes
Kofman V.M.
Development of turbopump unit design for hydrogen liquid-propellant rocket engines without generators developed at the design bureau of chemical automation
Dmitrenko A.I., Ivanov A.V., Rachuk V.S.
Optimization characteristics of rotor-support system from NK-14ST free power turbine with consider statics and dynamics propertys
1 1., 1 1.
Working out the system of technical decisions for ensuring the reliability of friction units of gas-turbine engines
Gromakovsky D.G., Kovshov A.G., Ibatullin I.D.
Criteria of discrete phase control of blade working condition and their feasibility in systems of turbine driven set automatic control
Danilin A.I., Tchernyavsky A.Z.
Thermal state of a groind-use gas turbine engine stator
Grechishnikov O.V., Balakin A.Y., Roslyakov A.D.
Сalculation of characteristics of atomization of liquid supplied at an angle to the flow direction and justification of adjusting the angle of the nozzle inclination relative to the gas flow
Teslya D.N., Mityaev S.V., Drobyshev P.A.
Formation of film cooling on the turbine blade back and pressure side in the case of using V-shaped dimples
Lebedev V.V., Lebedev O.V., Remizov A.E.
Determination of a rational combination of the radial turbine basic parameters with an allowance for strength, technological and other constraints
Baturin O.V., Shabliy L.S.
On selection of automatic control system for crvogenic fuel gas turbine engine
Bukin V.A.
Influence of the stressed state of the surface layer on the endurance of gas turbine engine compressor blades
Sazonov M.B., Solovatskaya L.V.
Micro gas turbine engine imitation model
Kuznetsov A.V., Makaryants G.M.
Development of an exhaust air turbine engine
Yeliseev Y.S., Fedorchenco D.G., Tsibizov Y.I., Tyulkin D.D., Tkachenko A.Y.
Conversion of gas turbine engine oil system
Boev A.A., Grishanov O.A.
Simulation of aerodynamic structure of the flow in the combustion chamber of a small-size gas turbine engine with the help of CAE–systems
Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Abrashkin V.Y., Zubrilin I.A., Matveev S.S.
Calculation of exciting aerodynamic load on a gas turbine engine compressor blade induced by the effect of a non-uniform gas flow
Ermakov A.I., Shklovets A.O., Fedorchenko D.G.
Research of gas turbine engine operation in dust-filled atmosphere
Abdullin B.R., Akmaletdinov R.G., Goumerov K.S., Nigmatullin R.R.
Combined calculation of gas generators of small GTE in package ANSYS CFX
Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Matveev S.S., Zinkovskii V.S., Krivtsov A.V.
Choosing the optimal method of the centrifugal loads modeling using 2D FE models of the compressor’s disks slots
Balyaeva N.N., Guschin A.Y.
Use of the dynamic programming method for solving tasks of GTE management optimization using the aircraft efficiency criteria
Tkachenko A.Y., Kuzmichev V.S.
Defects of shrouded blade platforms of high-temperature gas turbines
Belousov A.I., Nazdrachyov S.V.
Vortex effect and intensification of heat and mass transfer in cell energy technology
Piralishvily S.A., Veretennikov S.V.
Compulsory ignition of fuel-air mixture in small-sized gas turbine engine combustion chambers
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Features of designing gas turbine of complex cycle GT24
1 1.
Estimation the factors, make the greatest influence on reliability parametres of a GTD disk with a glance sudden failures
Belousov A.I., Gritsin A.V.
Problems of making auxiliary gas turbine engines with gas bearing rotors
Ponomaryov B.A., Gavrilov V.V.
Estimation of parameters of a pulse detonation engine (РDЕ)
Anakin A.T., Tsybizov Y.I.
The effect of heat recovery on the optimal values of helicopter turboshaft engine parameters
Omar H.H., Kuz'michev V.S., Zagrebelnyi A.O., Grigoriev V.A.
Improvement of fretting wear resistance of blade root made of polymer composite material
Karimbayev T.D., Afanasiev D.V., Matyukhin D.V., Orlov M.A.
Numerical study of possibility of reliable diagnostics of gas turbine engine by gasdynamic parameters using a linear mathematical model
Gerasimov A.B., Sundukov M.Y.
Research of the postoperational condition of the restored compressor shovels of GTD gas-transfer of the units which have fulfilled the appointed resource
Tarasenko Y.P., Tsareva I.N., Krivina L.A.
Research of the operability of an air-fuel lubrication and cooling system of gas turbine engine rotor bearings
Klimov V.N., Dud’ev D.Y., Sigaylo V.Y., Klimov N.I., Mashkov Y.K.
Development of a multiuser system web-interface as a tool of using mathematical packages for solving engineering tasks
Danilenko A.N., Zhdanov I.A.
Evaluation of low cycle fatigue based on the use of Coffin-Manson dependence under zero-to-“soft” loading cycle
Pavlov V.F., Kirpichyov V.A., Kocherova E.E., Zlobin A.S.
Using the «virtual engine» software in automatic control system of gas turbine engine
Golberg F.D., Gurevich O.S., Petukhov A.A.
Application of numerical simulation systems for the research of the blade casting process in blank production
Smelov V.G., Vdovin R.A., Agapovichev A.V.
Modeling of propane combustion processes in case of converting a GTE combustion chamber to gaseous fuel
Matveev S.G., Lanskiy A.M., Orlov M.Y., Abrashkin V.Y., Dmitriev D.N., Zubrilin I.A., Semenov A.V.
Research of the validity of forecasting low cycle durability of gas turbine engine parts based on Manson’s equation
Porter А.M., Bukatyi S.A., Leshin D.P.
Experimental investigation of a small-sized centrifugal compressor for a closed-brayton cycle gas turbine power system
Arbekov A.N., Novitskiy B.B.
Approaches to parametric models of blade machines formation
Shabliy L.S., Popov G.M., Kolmakova D.A.
A technique to estimate efficiency of turbine underplatform friction dampers
Nikhamkin M.S., Sazhenkov N.A.
Dependence of required turbine inlet temperature at cruise mode of long-term flight on bypass ratio
Rybakov V.N.
Discrete phase converters moving elements rotating units power units
Danilin A.I., Grechishnikov V.M.
Effect of cavity width on performance of pre-swirl systems
Didenko R.A., Karelin D.V., Ievlev D.G., Lebedev V.V., Belousova E.V.
The influence of operational and technological factors on the dynamic parameters of elastic elements of elastic damping rotor supports
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Way of increase in efficiency of cycle gas turbine units
1 1.
Simulation of the distributed selection and supply of cooling air in gas-turb engine
Goryunov A.I., Goryunov I.M.
Calculated study of tangential inclination of nozzle vanes influence on gas-dynamic efficiency of axial turbine stage
Baturin O.V., Matveev V.N.
Improvement of the quality of the surfaces of monowheel blades of liquid rocket engine turbopump assemblies
Mozgov S.A., Panov D.V., Saushkin B.P.
Investigation of the characteristics of the component of vibration of gas turbine engine gearbox that causes fatigue failures of its structural elements in case of tooth flank wear
Sundukov A.E.
Design of experiments for verification of computational life prediction methods
Samsonova O.V., Fetisov K.V., Karpman I.V., Burtseva I.V.
Comparative analysis of facilities for the implementation of thermoplastic hardening blades of gas turbine engines and pumping units
Karpov A.V.
Experiment-calculated research of the influence of the shot-peening strengthening upon the low-cycle fatigue of the gas turbine parts with the stress concentrator
Porter A.M., Bukaty S.A., Leshin D.P., Bukaty A.S.
Optimization of fuel distribution in the afterburner of a gas turbine engine
Nelyubin V.R.
Improvement of friction units of power plants by aplying ceramic composite spray coatings
Siluyanova M.V., Fertikov A.O.
The influence of booster design features on aicraft engine fan tonal noise
Khaletskiy Y.D., Korzhnev V.N., Pochkin Y.S.
Optimization of the workflow of multistage axial turbines with platforms
Matveev V.N., Baturin O.V., Popov G.M., Goryachkin E.S.
The concept of matching the joint operation of the combustion chamber, the compressor and the turbine
Grigoriev A.V., Golubchikov P.P., YIlushin M.Y., Rudakov O.A., Solovieva A.V.
Development of the construction of a gas turbine engine vane with built-in vortex tubes
Veretennikov S.V., Barinov S.N.
Development of a prototype of a multi-loop closedbrayton cycle gas turbine power system
Arbekov A.N., Novitskiy B.B.
Gas turbine engine designing on the basis of a unified gas generator
Rybakov V.N.
Selection of optimal configuration and workflow parameters of autonomous micro gas turbine plant
Baturin O.V., Smirnova Y.D.
The defectoscopy of the fatigue cracks in the gas turbine parts by means of eddy-current method
Porter A.M., Bukatyi S.A., Leshin D.P., Vasilchuk M.V., Galickyi A.A.
Influence of the initial design data uncertainty on the choice of optimal working process parameters of gas turbine engine
Kuzmichev V.S., Tkachenko A.Y., Rybakov V.N., Krupenich I.N., Kulagin V.V.
Circuit design receipt autodynes signal to converter displacement parameters elements rotating parts of turbune unit
Danilin A.I., Gretskov A.A.
Effect of radial location of nozzles on width on performance of pre-swirl systems
Didenko R.A., Karelin D.V., Ievlev D.G., Lebedev V.V.
Influence of the loading parameter on the efficiency ofa three-stage turbine of turbojet bypass engine
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