Development of a prototype of a multi-loop closedbrayton cycle gas turbine power system


Aim is to develop the prototype of a multi-loop closed-Brayton Cycle gas turbine power system, which allows to simulate the cosmic power plant capacity from tens to hundreds of kW intended for food or electrorocket thermal engines with electric heating, as well as the powerful energy systems of spacecraft for various purposes. Creating a prototype model allows to study the joint operation of two gas-turbine power converters in a single circuit of the total gas heater (which acts as an electric heater), build a control algorithm modules in transitional processes, investigate the processes of starting and stopping of the modules, as well as select the optimal control algorithm starting and to identify the fundamental problems in the design and construction of the installation in the early stages of development of space multiloop systems. The paper contains estimates of the main parameters of a closed gas turbine plant and the optimization cycle to allow the use of existing sites. Also presented an algorithm for calculating. Based on the data as the working fluid was chosen gelieksenonovaya mixture with a molar mass of 83.9 kg/kmol, which is an analogue of the thermodynamic krypton. The parameters of a multi-loop closed gas turbine plant and layout version of the two-loop closed-Brayton Cycle gas turbine power system.

About the authors

A. N. Arbekov

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

B. B. Novitskiy

Bauman Moscow State Technical University


Russian Federation

Junior Researcher


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