Special features of assessing the strength of nuclear reactor equipment under dynamic loads
Lonin K.A., Panov V.A., Patrushev V.L., Savchuk D.V., Soloviev S.A.
Numerical simulation of low liquid flow in a mixer consisting of two centrifugal swirlers
Semkin E.V.
Constructing simulation models of self-similar telecommunication traffic
Blagov A.V.
Application of simulation modelling in static tests of space-rocket vehicles
Grebnev D.N., Duplihin V.K., Zuperman J.A., Aistov A.I., Kukushkin V.E.
Analysis of load balancing algorithms using discrete event simulation
Khayrutdinov A.R., Vostokin S.V.
Comparative analysis of fuel distribution downstream of the gas-dynamic flame holder with various methods of injection
Tretyakov V.V., Sviridenkov A.A.
Simulation of the process of angular rate damping of the SamSat-218D nanosatellite after separation from the launching-transporting container
Melnik M.E.
Specifying the dimensions of the reverse current area of a 3-D gas-turbine engine combustion chamber model using the ANSYS FLUENT software
Biryuk V.V., Orlov M.Y., Zubrilin I.A., Sinegovskiy Y.A., Krivtsov A.V.
Development of methods of modeling and computer aided design of gas turbine engines
Krivosheev I.A., Kozhinov D.G.
CFD modeling of air penetration into the fuel supply pipeline
Gafurov S.A., Rodionov L.V.
Multisprayer low-emission combustion chamber of modern turbojet engines – N. D. Kuznetsov’s creative heritage
Bantikov D.Y., Vasilyev V.I., Lavrov V.N., Tsibisov Y.I., Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Zubrilin I.A.
Two-dimentional axial rotor compressor off-design performance prediction model with the use of simulation methods and tools
Mikhailova A.B., Akhmedzyanov D.A., Akhmetov Y.M., Mikhailov A.Y.
Using statistical Markov models for the analysis of electromagnetic compatibility of autonomous electric installations
Kubarkov Y.P., Goldshtein V.G., Inahodova L.M.
A model of Markov random field in texture image synthesis and analysis
Plastinin A.I., Kuprijanov A.V.
Influence of the reliability of Earth remote sensing spacecraft onboard systems on the monitoring of imaging periodicity
Kirilin A.N., Akhmetov R.N., Kurenkov V.I., Kapitonov V.A., Stratilatov N.R., Lokhmatkin V.V.
Use of probability distribution mixes in airport simulation model
Romanenko V.A.
Selection of a nanosatellite group separation program for cluster launching from the «Soyuz» launch vehicle orbiter
Avaryaskin D.P., Shcherbakov M.S.
Determination of thermal state and modification of the flame tube cooling system with the help of three-dimensional modeling methods
Matveev S.G., Anisimov V.M., Zubrilin I.A., Kolomzarov O.V., Mironov N.S.
Automated thermovacuum firing test facility for testing and research of workflow in low-thrust rocket engine on hypergolic propellants
Galperin R.N., Ivashin Y.S., Nigodjuk V.E., Ryzhkov V.V., Sulinov A.V.
Modeling flow in a ring body work o-gap-state rocket engine turbopump
Ivanov A.V., Moskvichev A.V., Tsiganov A.A.
Research and optimization of parameters of a system controlling the process of tube inside surface coating
Skvortsov B.V., Zaretskaya M.I., Kurylyova P.A.
Hard & soft complex for “Angara” family launch vehicles engine system development
Partola I.S.
Model for the estimation of design work acceleration by parallelization of iterative process in research-intensive mechanical engineering
Komarov V.A., Kremenetskaya M.Y., Sologub A.V., Filatov A.N.
Multi-time-step scheme in the vorticity splitting method applied to the simulation of the wake behind the flat plate
Nikonov V.V., Shakhov V.G.
Economic-mathematical model of space-rocet industry restructuring
Vagapova N.R.
Gas-dynamic losses in the flow part of the channel charge of a solid-propellant rocket engine
A. N. Sabirzyanov A.N., Khamatnurova C.B., Kuzmin V.V.
Enhancement of efficiency of casting processes in production of parts of aircraft engines by way of action of pulse-magnetic field on melt
Chernikov D.G., Glouschenkov V.A., Igolkin A.J.
Determination of large-size liner impedance based on numerical simulation of sound propagation in a duct with specified azimuthal modal structure
Korin I.A., Palchikovskiy V.V., Pavlogradskiy V.V.
Modeling in management systems
Krasnoschekov A.D., Tyulevin S.V., Kozlova I.A., Tokareva A.V.
The effect of the way of setting boundary conditions on the results of modeling a flow at the flameholder outlet
Kolomzarov O.V., Anisimov V.M., Zubrilin I.A.
Simulation of operaiting cycle by Petry nets
Zelenskiy V.A., Konnov V.P., Schodro A.I.
Universal approach to the description of working medium chambers for simulating hydraulic and pneumatic systems
Timofeyev Y.M., Khalatov E.M.
Emission characteristics and temperature non-uniformity at the outlet of the gas turbine engine combustion chamber
Sabirzyanov A.N., Yavkin V.B., Alexandrov Y.B., Markushin A.N., Baklanov A.V.
The combined fuel draining control system for liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen upper stage
Ivanov V.P., Partola I.S.
Simulation of thermal field of fluid flow in the presence of parametric disturbances
1 1.
Dissipative structures of the Gierer-Meinhardt model of morphogenesis in the stochastic field
Kurushina S.E.
Research of restrained bending of aircraft parts with curved sides
Gromova E.G., Moiseev V.K., Sharov A.A., Lomovskoi O.V., Mantusov М.N., Plotnikov A.N.
Enhancement of efficiency of casting processes in production of parts of aircraft engines by way of action of pulse-magnetic field on melt
Chernikov D.G., Glouschenkov V.A., Igolkin A.J.
Estimation of functional efficiency of the air transport service system at a regional airport terminal
Koltsov I.V., Romanenko V.A.
Simulation of wire manufacturing production cycle
Haymovich I.N., Skripachyov D.G., Kolesnikova S.Y.
Rail electromagnetic accelerators with an external magnetic field
Sukhachev K.I.
Algorithm of clock synchronization and evaluation of noise power invariant to multipathing and the kind of modulation
Khalilov R.R.
Simulation modeling of stock markets
Steryakov A.A.
Numerical simulation of the working process in a vortex tube with an additional stream
Vasilyuk O.V., Piralishvili S.A., Shaykina A.A.
Computer simulation of forming thin-walled t-tees
Popov I.P., Severinenko A.Y., Petrof Y.O.
Methods of remote sensing data processing for the improvement of output images quality
1 1.
Computer-aided-design system for calculating adsorption thermodynamic characteristics
Zelenko L.S., Varfolomeyeva V.V., Kuznetsov V.Y., Fed’kayev A.V., Terentyev A.V., Buryak A.K.
Mathematical modeling of the process of selective laser melting of Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy powder
Agapovichev A.V., Sotov A.V., Smelov V.G.
Mixing processe research in 10…15 N thrusters
Salich V.L., Semkin E.V.
Optimization of parameters of a hub aircraft ground handling system on the basis of a fuzzy-controller simulation model
Vasileva I.A., Romanenko V.A., Khvostova T.V.
Procedure of accomodation of earth remote sansing satellite external devices with regard for the satellite target operation
Akhmetov R.N., Shilov L.B., Kurenkov V.I., Yakischik A.A.
Modeling of intrachamber processes in an oxygen-hydrogen thruster
Vaulin S.D., Salich V.L.
Selection of sites and angles for placing star coordinators of remote sensing satellites
Akhmetov R.N., Kurenkov V.I., Stratilatov N.R., Fedorenko O.G., Shilov L.B.
Simulating electromagnetic field distribution due to electrostatic discharge on the spacecraft surface
Syomkin N.D., Balakin V.L., Bragin V.V.
Simulation of responses p-n junction to dynamic influences
Bodnarchuk G.A.
The use of regression models for estimating the standards of electric power losses in its transfer by territorial network companies
Goldshtein V., Kubarkov Y., Rygalov A., Revyakina E., Stepanov V.
Tether parameters consideration during motion simulation of orbital tether system
1 1.
Calculation of spatial distribution of energy of a complex radiator
Yevdokimov I.Y., Nikolaenko V.S., Filippov G.S., Yashchenko B.Y.
Fuzzy-controller simulation model as a tool of optimization of a limited availability ground handling system at a hub airport
Romanenko V.A.
Development of blend composition of aviation kerosene surrogate for the simulation of workflow of gas turbine engine combustion chamber
Matveev S.G.
Mathematical model of surface layer formation during hydroabrasive jet machining
Meshcheryakov A.V., Shulepov A.P.
Procedure of creating three-dimensional solid models of tool electrodes for electrochemical pulse machining of gas turbine engine parts in CAD-systems with their parametric coupling with software module profiling
Nekhoroshev M.V., Pronichev N.D., Smirnov G.V.
Automated profiling of tool electrode in electrochemical pulse machining
Nekhoroshev M.V., Pronichev N.D., Smirnov G.V.
Combined calculation of gas generators of small GTE in package ANSYS CFX
Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Matveev S.S., Zinkovskii V.S., Krivtsov A.V.
Numerical simulation of gas temperature spatial distribution in a full-size gas turbine combustor and its one-burner sector
Kostyuk V.Y., Kirilash Y.I., Stasyuk A.V., Shein V.V., Karzov D.V.
System-simulator load the steering organs
Aliluev A.V.
Increasing the information content of optical coherence tomography skin pathology detection
Zakharov V.P., Larin K., Bratchenko I.A.
Methodology complex of hardware-in-the-loop functional modelling of gas turbines and its systems
1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Mathematical modeling of dynamic processes in a hydraulic drive with a discrete regulator of liquid flow
Shakhmatov Y.V., Gimadiev A.G., Sverbilov V.Y., Sinyakov A.F.
Control program for noncoplanar heliocentric flight to Venus of non-perfectly reflecting solar sail spacecraft
Khabibullin R.M.
Influence of the geometry fidelity of resonant sound-absorbing liner samples on their acoustic characteristics
Kustov O.Y., Khramtsov I.V., Bulbovich R.V.
Unstady heat-mass-transfer and fuel distributions in flows downstream the gas-dynamic flame holder
Tretyakov V.V., Sviridenkov A.A.
Application of numerical simulation systems for the research of the blade casting process in blank production
Smelov V.G., Vdovin R.A., Agapovichev A.V.
Computer-aided system of virtual gas turbine engine testing
Tkachenko A.Y., Rybakov V.N., Krupenich I.N., Ostapuk Y.A., Filinov E.P.
Simulation of manufacturing processes within the concept of «lean production»
Smelov V.G., Kokareva V.V., Shitarev I.L.
Numerical simulation of gas temperature spatial distribution in a one-burner sector of a gas turbine combustor with uncertain initial conditions of fuel atomization
Kostyuk V.Y., Kirilash Y.I., Stasyuk A.V., Shein V.V., Karzov D.V.
Numerical investigetion of a non-contacting finger seal
Temis Y.M., Selivanov A.V., Dzeva I.Y.
Method of improving control using a simulation object model and its application to the problem of helicopter emergency landing manoeuvre optimization
Kvokov V.N., Trushkova Y.A., Ukhin M.Y.
Influence of the turbine ignition, flame tube suspension and nozzles on the combustion chamber characteristics
Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Zubrilin I.A.
Simulation model of oscillations of the “sun gear – satellites” pair of turboprop engine planetary reduction gearbox in the presence of defects of tooth flanks
Kryuchkov A.N., Plotnikov S.M., Sundukov E.V., Sundukov A.E.
Imitation models of aircraft hydraulic units with account for typical faults
Gareyev A.M., Popelnyuk I.A., Stadnik D.M.
Methods of modeling the work process of hydrogen screw-centrifugal pumps using ANSYS CFD
Sulinov A.V., Shabliy L.S., Zubanov V.M.
Numerical simulation of tonal noise of a bypass engine fan stage
Pyatunin K.R., Arharova N.V., Remizov A.E.
Double-electrode electrochemical cell volumetric and flat simulation using ANSYS program
Nekhoroshev M.V., Pronichev N.D., Smirnov G.V.
Assessing the efficiency of flights to high near-earth orbits using boosters with chemical and electro-rocket engines
Ishkov S.A., Fadeenkov P.V., Balakin V.L.
Generation of control programes for disposable unmanned aircraft vehicle propulsion system by means of dynamic characteristic
Mikhailov A.Y., Akhmedzyanov D.A., Akhmetov Y.M., Mikhailova A.B.
Problem of synthesis of a model for control and diagnostics in the manufacture of onboard equipment
Koptev A.N., Kirillov A.V., Yakovenko N.A., Dronov D.Y.
Simulation of automatic systems of controlling space vehicle drives
Zhuravlyova Y.V.
Simulation modeling as a method of assessing the resource intensity of space rocket complex support equipment operation
Shcherbina I.S.
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