Rail electromagnetic accelerators with an external magnetic field


The main problems of using electromagnetic rail accelerators to accelerate solid bodies of the millimeter range are outlined in the paper. A modernized system of biasing a rail gun is presented, its operating principle is described. Mathematical modeling of the rail gun system with and without bias for accelerated bodies of different mass is carried out. The influence of the bias system on the basic parameters of electromagnetic rail accelerators is analyzed.  The acceleration forces acting on the object from the main loop and the bias circuit are plotted, as well as armature velocities and magnetic field induction in the object accelerated. The limits of applicability of the model described are given. Several variants of the design of rail gun bias systems including a multi-stage one are presented. The effect of some of the initial conditions on the acceleration of an object in the channel of the rail electromagnetic accelerator is analyzed. The effectiveness of introducing an external magnetic field in the channel of the accelerator making it possible to increase the speed of the lifter more than twice, while maintaining the resource of rail electrodes, is shown.

About the authors

K. I. Sukhachev

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.
Email: kir.sukhachev@gmail.com

Postgraduate student, the Department of Design and Technology of Electronic Systems and Devices

Russian Federation


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