Comparison of quasi-three-dimensional and full three-dimensional formulations of thrust bearing operation
Sokolov N.V., Khadiev M.B., Fedotov P.E., Fedotov E.M.
Modal analysis of a spacecraft solar panel
Kryuchkov A.N., Safin A.I., Ermilov M.A., Vidyaskina A.N., Igolkin A.A., Ye. V. Shakhmatov Y.V.
Optimization of operation mode and design parameters of a finely-dispersed metallic liquid-alloy generator
Egorychev V.S., Ryazanov A.I., Khaimovich A.I.
Heat exchange parameters of units and pipelines of the aircraft hydraulic system
Nikolayev V.N.
Model for evaluating the end runouts of a rotor with parallel connections of parts
Grachev I.A., Kudashov E.V., Bolotov M.A., Pronichev N.D.
Leader competition in biological and social systems
Pivovarova A.S., Steryakov A.A.
Model of virtual balancing of rigid rotors
Khaimovich A.I., Bolotov M.A., Pechenina E.Y.
Mathematical modeling of the process of selective laser melting of Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy powder
Agapovichev A.V., Sotov A.V., Smelov V.G.
Mathematical model of training and self-training in maintenance of complicated systems
Koptev A.N., Popovich A.A.
Control program for noncoplanar heliocentric flight to Venus of non-perfectly reflecting solar sail spacecraft
Khabibullin R.M.
Numerical study of possibility of reliable diagnostics of gas turbine engine by gasdynamic parameters using a linear mathematical model
Gerasimov A.B., Sundukov M.Y.
Mathematical model of surface layer formation during hydroabrasive jet machining
Meshcheryakov A.V., Shulepov A.P.
Mathematical modeling of technological production process of thermo-stable resistor – capacity structures
Merkulov A.I., Laktanov P.V., Merkulov V.A.
Development of a mathematical model of winding made of non-impregnated aramid fibers for strength analysis of the combined fan case in GTE compressor blade separation
Krundaeva A.N., Shmotin Y.N., Tomilina T.V.
Linear mathematical model for the determination of rational treatment conditions on the finishing end milling operations in the manufacture of aircraft parts
Skuratov D.L.
Method of compression of digital halftone images on the basis of markov chains with several states
Petrov E.P., Harina N.L., Rzhanikova E.D.
Research of the process of sheet presswork using polyurethane under constrained bending
Eskina E.V., Gromova E.G.
Economic mathematical model of prime cost management production and selling product with seasonal variation of demand
Esipova O.V.
Improving the operating characteristics of engines by the imposition of manufacturing operation of hermeticity inspection of vacuum-tight radio electronic device cases
Model of varigrained particle stream moving by hypersonic combustion materials investigation
Bulanova E.A., Pervishin A.N.
Three-dimensional periodic thermoelastichydrodynamic modeling of hydrodynamic processes of a thrust bearing
Sokolov N.V., Khadiev M.B., Fedotov P.E., Fedotov E.M.
Mathematical model of mastering educational information of the academic process
Titov B.A., Ryabinova E.N.
Set-theory model of the aircraft hydraulic system working fluid state
Koptev A.N., Gareyev A.M., Popelnyuk I.A.
Mathematical models for evaluating the energy efficiency of ultralow power turbine drives
Kalabuhov D.S., Grigoryev V.A., Rad’ko V.M.
Mathematical modeling of interaction a high-frequency torch discharge with construction elements of radio equipment
Kostin A.V., Piganov M.N., Stolbikov A.V.
Optimization model of financing production of an industrial enterprise of space-rocket industry
Inozemtsev V.V.
Assessing reduction gear mass in the problem of optimizing parameters of the working process of a turboprop engine at the initial design stage
Grigoryev V.A., Zagrebelnyi A.O., Prokaev A.S., Kuznetsov S.P.
Stabilization of a pilot-operated gas pressure control valve by placing a throttle at the inlet
Stadnik D.M., Sverbilov V.Y., Makaryants G.M., Makaryants M.V.
Universal approach to the description of working medium chambers for simulating hydraulic and pneumatic systems
Timofeyev Y.M., Khalatov E.M.
The development of mathematical model of hydrodynamics of "tpapped" volume in the gear pump
1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Non-linear image filtration based on Markovian networks with several states
Petrov Y.P., Kharina N.L., Rzhanikova Y.D.
Theoretical and experimental investigation of the photographic reconnaissance plane instrument bay thermal state
Nikolayev V.N.
Turboprofan jet modeling and equivalent specific fuel consumption optimization subsystem construction on the seminatural modelling stand
Pogorelov G.I., Krivosheev I.A., Godovanyuk A.G., Danilin O.E., Badamshin B.I.
Micro gas turbine engine imitation model
Kuznetsov A.V., Makaryants G.M.
Build-up mathematical model of allocation temperature gas along an axis the channel a torch discharge at interaction with thick-film devices of microassambly
Stolbikov A.V., Piganov M.N., Kostin A.V.
ASMTurbC method of autonomous statistical modeling of diffusion turbulent combustion and the results of its testing
Nuzhnov Y.V.
Calculation method for determining the characteristics of elastic-damping suspension made of metal analoque of rubber for plain bearings
Parovay Y.F., Parovay F.V.
Simulating of Roots compressor
Belov G.O., Ermilov M.A., Kryuchkov A.N.
Method of calculating GTE gas-thermodynamic parameters with blade row description of an axial multistage compressor
Boyko L.G., Karpenko E.L., Akhtemenko U.F.
Mathematical model of an eddy current converter for testing discontinuous structure samples
1 1., 1 1.
Experimental acknowledgement of adequacy of the developed mathematical model of instant giving of the liquid by the gear pump
1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Influence of the reliability of Earth remote sensing spacecraft onboard systems on the monitoring of imaging periodicity
Kirilin A.N., Akhmetov R.N., Kurenkov V.I., Kapitonov V.A., Stratilatov N.R., Lokhmatkin V.V.
Transducer of fluid and air consumption and temperature in pipelines
Nikolayev V.N., Kabanov Y.N.
Experimental and theoretical research of continuous motion of rotor on anisotropic gapped elastic support
Nikiforov A.N., Panovko G.Y., Shokhin A.Y.
Control over the deployment of an orbital tether system of great length
Wang C., Zabolotnov Y.M.
Using the «virtual engine» software in automatic control system of gas turbine engine
Golberg F.D., Gurevich O.S., Petukhov A.A.
Study of characteristics of the launch vehicle fuel line gas damper
Gimadiev A.G., Odinokov D.A., Stadnik D.M., Greshnyakov P.I.
Mathematical model and peculiarities of operating mobile robots with hybrid drives
Ilyukhin Y.V., Tatarintseva A.V.
Simulation and research of factors affecting aerodynamic indices of the gas purification process
Usmanova R.R., Zhernakov V.S.
Calculating the parameters of eddy current converters when testing several samples of cylindrical shape
Gainullina G.M., Polulekh A.V.
Simulation of the distributed selection and supply of cooling air in gas-turb engine
Goryunov A.I., Goryunov I.M.
Mathematical model of turbofan engine weight estimation taking into account the engine configuration and size
Avdeev S.V.
Design build process for the accuracy of eligibility
Grechnikov F.V., Tlustenko S.F.
Process of coating the inner surface of an inclined pipe and its mathematical modeling
Skvortsov B.V., Zaretskaya M.I., Zaretskiy I.S., Zhivonosnovskiy P.A.
Method of lossless image compression in the Earth remote sensing systems
Petrov E.P., Kharina N.L., Sukhikh P.N.
Research of small spacecraft dynamiсs taking into account the influence of elastic vibrations of asjacent solar panels and aerodynamic moment
Yelenev V.D., Titov B.A., Davydov E.I., Davydov I.E., Kochyan A.G., Yudintsev V.V.
Real-time control algorithms requirements verification mathematical model implementation in visual design computer-aided system
Shulyndin A.V., Tjugashev A.A.
Dynamic process modeling of aircraft engine control system
Blyumin K.V.
Mathematical modeling of heat exchange on air cooling of a number of aluminum ingots
Gorshenin A.S.
Modeling static and dynamic characteristics of pressure reducing valves
Igolkin A.A.
Theoretical and experimental analysis of the thermal state of transport aircraft compartments thermal state
Nikolayev V.N.
Increase of stability of technological systems at processing of details aircrafts engines
Skuratov D.L., Burmistrov E.V., Samykin V.N.
The effect of heat recovery on the optimal values of helicopter turboshaft engine parameters
Omar H.H., Kuz'michev V.S., Zagrebelnyi A.O., Grigoriev V.A.
Concept of construction of virtual lab for gas turbine engine testing
Rybakov V.N., Kuzmichev V.S., Tkachenko A.Y.
Оptimization of gas turbine aircraft engine control throughout the engine service life
Gurevich O.S., Golberg F.D., Smetanin S.A., Trifonov M.E.
Mathematical models of squeeze film dampers in rotor dynamics of gas turbine engines
Kutakov M.N., Degtiarev S.A., Leontiev M.K.
System-mathematical simulation of engine air hydraulic power supply
Goryunova N.R., Goryunov A.A.
Research of hydrodynamic processes in the lubrication system of gas turbine engines
Gulienko A.I., Shchurovskiy Y.M.
Mathematical modeling and investigation of the process of thermal theatment of aluminum ingots on the basis of regulated convective heat transfer
Gorshenin A.S., Krivosheev V.E.
Parameters study in the electrothermal and jet protection of the airliner cockpit windows from fogging
Nikolayev V.N.
The development of mathematical models of acoustic characteristics of the elastic porous material «metal-rubber»
Safin A.I., Igolkin A.A.
Method of reducing design aerodynamic characteristics to the results of drain tests of a transport category aircraft model
Bondar Y.I.
Hemispherical high-speed particle transducer
Izyumov M.V., Syomkin N.D.
Mathematical model for calculating pressure in a pulsating combustion chamber
Solodovnikov A.V., Odentsov D.A., Kravtsov E.V., Golubyatnik V.V., Shcheblykin D.A.
Improving the efficiency of aviation turbofan engines by using an intercooler and a recuperative heat exchanger
Omar H., Kuz'michev V.S., Tkachenko A.Y.
Dataware of virtual lab for gas turbine engine testing
Rybakov V.N., Kuzmichev V.S., Kulagin V.V., Krupenich I.N., Fedorov D.V.
Schemes, parameters, work process, characteristics and structure of long-range interception aircraft engines
Kovalev A.V., Sanin V.N., Krivenok A.G., Korolenko V.V.
Prospective lines of improving the process of evaluating the technical condition of aircraft hydraulic system working fluid
Koptev A.N., Gareyev A.M., Popelnyuk I.A.
Mathematical model of anisotropic elastic-plastic material
Grechnikov F.V., Yerisov Y.A.
Simulation of aerodynamic structure of the flow in the combustion chamber of a small-size gas turbine engine with the help of CAE–systems
Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Abrashkin V.Y., Zubrilin I.A., Matveev S.S.
Dynamic of the a safety vent valve
Makaryjants M.V., Kudyurov L.V., Mustafaev Y.K., Tumanov D.V.
Analysis of the cause of serious flight accident
Vakhrushev D.E., Agaphonov O.A., Pryadko S.P., Schukin A.V.
Calculation methodology of intermittent burning chamber main parameters
Solodovnikov A.V., Vishegorodcev E.N., Golubyatnik V.V.
A hot-wire anemometric transducer of airflow mass rate
Nikolayev V.N.
Coordination of process management mechanisms for design and technological planning of production at the level of staff members
Kirichenko A.S., Khaimovich I.N.
Plane high-speed particle transducer
Izyumov M.V., Syomkin N.D.
Laser optico-acoustical octane meter in systems of optimizing the process of commercial petrol compound-filling
Astapov V.N.
Verification of a complex of mathematical models of aerodynamics and dynamics of Savonius rotor motion
Sizov D.A., Onushkin Y.P., Krasnova O.A., Dzhanibekov O.T.
The concept of generalized method of calculation and design of wet cleaning duct GTD
Silaev B.M., Malcev E.N.
Frequency characteristics of a coaxial gas damper for booster feed line
Odinokov D.A., Gimadiyev A.G.
Modeling of propane combustion processes in case of converting a GTE combustion chamber to gaseous fuel
Matveev S.G., Lanskiy A.M., Orlov M.Y., Abrashkin V.Y., Dmitriev D.N., Zubrilin I.A., Semenov A.V.
Computer-aided system of virtual gas turbine engine testing
Tkachenko A.Y., Rybakov V.N., Krupenich I.N., Ostapuk Y.A., Filinov E.P.
Comparison of mathematical simulation results and experimental research of PVD-K3-1 air pressure probe
Moiseev V.N., Dubinina M.M., Pavlovsky A.A., Sorokin M.Y.
Linear mathematical model for the determination of rational treatment conditions on the diamond smoothing operations in the manufacture of aircraft parts
Skuratov D.L., Shvetsov A.N., Abulkhanov S.R.
Constructing the specification for the on-board realtime control algorithm
Tyugashev A.A., Bogatov A.Y.
Analysis of on-board equipment robustness on the basis of COTS-products
Yefanov V.N., Bondarev A.V.
Simulation of automatic systems of controlling space vehicle drives
Zhuravlyova Y.V.
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