Calculation method for determining the characteristics of elastic-damping suspension made of metal analoque of rubber for plain bearings


The paper is devoted to creating a comprehensive methodology for calculating the characteristics of hydrodynamic bearings of a new type. The design of these bearings has several advantages in comparison with rolling bearings and traditional hydrodynamic bearings. However, the creation of effective bearings requires the development of their design methodology based on accurate mathematical apparatus and the use of the capabilities of modern CAE-programs. One of the most important stages of the design is to determine the required parameters of the elastic suspension material. The paper discusses developed mathematical models of the "working gap - bearing - elastic suspension" system behavior. The model is created with the aim of determining the characteristics of the elastic suspension material to ensure the best operation of the bearing. The mathematical apparatus developed is based on the model of V.N. Buzitskiy and A.A. Troynikov for the MR material and takes into account the peculiarities of the lubrication flow in the gap of the bearing. The paper presents a method of calculating the basic characteristics of the MR material, such as wire diameter, deformation and material density. The required parameters are determined on the basis of the results of CFD calculations of lubricant flow characteristics (pressure distribution in the working gap, the amount of deformation etc.)

About the authors

Ye. F. Parovay

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Associate Research Fellow, Industrial Research Laboratory №1

F. V. Parovay

Samara State Aerospace University


Russian Federation

Candidate of Science (Engineering), Associate Professor


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