System-mathematical simulation of engine air hydraulic power supply


Тhis article describes the concept of designing a pneumatic-hydraulic system  of feeding fuel components to a liquid-propellant rocket engine  based on mathematical models and the system approach. There are three levels of designing: the first level is that of designing separate components of the fuel feed system- at this level physical processes in the system’s components are considered, their characteristics and external interactions are modeled; the second level is that of subsystems –at this level the process of interaction between the system’s elements is considered, internal connections between the elements and external interconnections of the system’s subsystems are modeled; the third level is that of the fuel feed system as a whole -at this level the process of interaction between the subsystems is considered, internal connections between the subsystems and external connections with the engine and other systems are modeled.  A multilevel mathematical model of the fuel feed system was constructed. On the basis of the model an emergency situation (a faulty element) is modeled and the element is replaced, with its characteristics in the subsystem of feeding the oxidizer to the engine being changed; the dependence of the damper blow-down parameters on the rate of change in the input flow to the engine in the course of its starting is obtained. The mathematical model is associated with resultant documents, which makes it possible to get a modified set of documentation automatically when changes are introduced in the engine fuel feed system.

About the authors

N. R. Goryunova

Space Rocket Center «Progress», Samara

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Design engineer

A. A. Goryunov

Space Rocket Center «Progress», Samara


Russian Federation

Design engineer


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