Creation of promising technologies for producing holes in parts of a high-frequency ion engine
Ryazantsev A.Y., Yukhnevich S.S., Shirokozhuhova A.A.
Increasing the overall performance of a two-stroke engine with spark ignition by fuel injection
Dovgyallo A.I., Krasheninnikov S.V., Shchepetov D.A.
Analysis of basic concepts of advanced engines for supersonic civil aircraft on the basis of foreign designers’ experience
Alendar A.D., Grunin A.N., Siluyanova M.V.
Peculiarities of starting a spark-ignition gas fuel internal combustion engine
Shishkov V.A.
Research of influence of the thermal stream from the mid-flight liquid rocket engine on parameters of operating liquid rocket engines of small draught in the conditions of perspective razgonnogo's propulsion system of the block
Ageenko Y.I., Galperin R.N., Ivashin Y.S., Nigodjuk V.E., Ryzhkov V.V., Sulinov A.V.
Efficiency of technical workings out in batch production GTE
Aleksentsev E.I., Shitarev I.L., Kurbatov V.P., Gritsenko E.A.
Features of start-up the engine of internal combustion with spark ignition on gas fuel
Shishkov V.A.
Оptimization of gas turbine aircraft engine control throughout the engine service life
Gurevich O.S., Golberg F.D., Smetanin S.A., Trifonov M.E.
Series of diagnostic indicators of gearbox teeth wear in aircraft gas turbine engines
Sundukov A.Y., Shakhmatov Y.V.
Influence of pad geometry and method of oil supply on the thermal state of GTE rotor tilting-pad journal bearing
Parovay E.F.
Development of a methodology for calculating the working process of a small-size two-stroke internal combustion engine
Biryuk V.V., Gorshkalev A.A., Zakharov M.O., Larin V.L.
Results of experimental studies of parameters of low-thrust rocket engines operating on gaseous oxygen-hydrogen fuel
Ageenko Y.I., Lapshin E.A., Morozov I.I., Pegin I.V., Ryzhkov V.V.
Methodology for thermal calculation of the heat exchanger for cooling the air at the intake of the aerospace plane engine compressor
Panchenko S.L., Gras’ko T.V.
Standardization of diagnostic indicators of gearbox teeth wear in aircraft gas-turbine engines
Sunduckov A.Y., Shakhmatov Y.V.
Сalculated analysis of the influence of operation and design factors on the parameters of oxygen-hydrogen low-thrust rocket engines
Ryzhkov V.V., Morozov I.I.
Assessing the efficiency of flights to high near-earth orbits using boosters with chemical and electro-rocket engines
Ishkov S.A., Fadeenkov P.V., Balakin V.L.
Seal designing in a structure of the cooling system in gas turbine engine
Vinogradov A.S., Myatlev A.S.
Calculation of optimum transfers from high-elliptic orbits to geostationary orbits using a stationary plasma engine
Kvetkin A.A., Kolesov A.V.
Experimental studies of the components of high-frequency ion engine RD0310
Kazbanov A.A., Dronov P.A., Spivak O.O., Derkachev A.B.
Research of gas turbine engine operation in dust-filled atmosphere
Abdullin B.R., Akmaletdinov R.G., Goumerov K.S., Nigmatullin R.R.
Test bench for investigation of thrusters intra-chamber working processes
Pervyshin A.N., Ryazanov A.I.
Empirical metod of predicting aviation piston engine noise
Moshkov P.A.
Algorithm of adaptation of an electronic control system of internal combustion engines to various chemical compositions of gas fuel
Shishkov V.A.
Estimation of parameters of a pulse detonation engine (РDЕ)
Anakin A.T., Tsybizov Y.I.
Design procedure of fundamental parameters of the direct-flow detonation pulsing engine
Porshnev V.A.
Cycle parameters of an internal combustion spark-ignition gas piston engine with an electronic control system
Shishkov V.A.
Determining the angle of advance of ignition when switching from petrol to gas depending on fuel mixture burning rate
Shishkov V.A.
Technology of computational analysis of the working process parameters of low-thrust rocket engines running on gaseous oxygen-hydrogen fuel with the use of ANSYS CFD
Ryzhkov V.V., Morozov I.I.
Multi-purpose high-precision thermal vacuum testing bench and someresults of firing tests of non-hypergolic low-thrust rocket engines
Ryzhkov V.V., Verjasov Y.N., Galperin R.N., Gulyaev Y.I., Ivashin Y.S.
Determination of the optimal parameters and engine layout for a strike unmanned aerial vehicle
Zinenkov Y.V., Lukovnikov A.V., Agaverdyev S.V.
Operation of an electronic system of control for spark-ignition gas fuel internal combustion engines in ignition misses
Shishkov V.A.
Analysis of low-thrust liquid rocket engines with a methane air pump unit
Ivanov A.I., Kositsin I.P., Borisov V.A.
Oxygen-hidrogen liquid rocket engine using turbo-pump developed for aviation hidrogen liquid two-spool turbo-jet
Ivanov A.I., Borisov V.A.
Evaluation of the possibility of using combustion promoters in hydrocarbon fuels for perspective jet engines
Petrukhin N.V., Sergeev S.M., Prokopenko O.A., Grek M.O.
The task of creating the bypass engines of various thrust levels using the given gas generator
Kocherov E.P., Kuzmichev V.S., Kulagin V.V., Fedorchenko D.G.
Investigation of the characteristics of the component of vibration of gas turbine engine gearbox that causes fatigue failures of its structural elements in case of tooth flank wear
Sundukov A.E.
Design of experiments for verification of computational life prediction methods
Samsonova O.V., Fetisov K.V., Karpman I.V., Burtseva I.V.
Gas turbine engine rotor bearings electrical current damage on the base of NK-family engines for electrical generator drive
Nazdrachev S.V.
Joint work of units and characteristics of elements gas the equipment for the engine of internal combustion with spark ignition
Shishkov V.A., Lesnih U.I.
Aircraft engine design based on unified gas generator
Vinogradov A.S., Parovay Y.F., Mordvinov A.G., Popov D.V., Shirokov M.A.
On selection of automatic control system for crvogenic fuel gas turbine engine
Bukin V.A.
Influence of the stressed state of the surface layer on the endurance of gas turbine engine compressor blades
Sazonov M.B., Solovatskaya L.V.
Theory and calculation of parameters of the detonation engine thermodynamical cycle
Grigoriev A.V., Mitrofanov V.A., Rudakov O.A., Solovieva A.V.
Optimization of ducted counter–rotating fan blades on the basis of solving a 3d inverse problem with the aim of improving fan gasdynamic characteristics
Mileshin V.I., Pankov S.V., Fateyev V.A., Shchipin S.K.
Some issues of research and development in aviation industry
Korchak V.Y., Kuznetsov V.V., Borisenkov I.L., Leonovich G.I., Lukachev S.V., Biryuk V.V.
Using the «virtual engine» software in automatic control system of gas turbine engine
Golberg F.D., Gurevich O.S., Petukhov A.A.
Investigation of the causes of crack origination in the inner casing of NK-86 gas turbine engine combustion chamber
Kocherova Е.Е.
Dynamic behaviour of high- bypass- ratio turbofan carbon fiber-reinforced plastic blade ubder unsteady airloads
Buyukli T.V., Fedorchenko Y.P., Shorstov V.A.
Increasing the capacity of engine intake system
Kozin A.M., Rusakov M.M.
Experience in the development of 11Д58MФ liquid rocket engines
Smolentsev A.A.
CFD-modeling of processes in a high-pressure oxidizer pump for the turbopump assembly of a liquid rocket engine
Zubanov V.M., Shabliy L.S.
Analysis of the cause of serious flight accident
Vakhrushev D.E., Agaphonov O.A., Pryadko S.P., Schukin A.V.
The modeling of the thermoacoustic electric generator by quadrupole approximation approach
Vorotnikov G.V.
Problem of multistage compressor optimization while designing perspective gas turbine engines
Shabliy L.S.
About some directions in development avation engine buildings
Zamtfort B.S.
Numerical simulation of gas temperature spatial distribution in a one-burner sector of a gas turbine combustor with uncertain initial conditions of fuel atomization
Kostyuk V.Y., Kirilash Y.I., Stasyuk A.V., Shein V.V., Karzov D.V.
The projecting of gas turbine engine composite blades
Ryzhov A.A., Galimkhanov B.K., Ryzhov N.A., Latypov R.K., Irgalin S.R.
Guaranteeing of ecological and economic indicators of internal combustion engine
Grabovskiy A.A., Mironov V.A.
Construction of a promising face gas-dynamic seal of the aircraft engine
Bondarchuk P.V., Falaleev S.V.
Parametric analysis of thermoacoustic travelling-wave engine operation with external heat application
Dovgyallo A.I., Zynovyev Y.A., Vorotnikov G.V.
Noise reduction of snow-plough
1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
The story of invention and development of supercharge units of internal combustion engines
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Consideration of active forces at internal-combustion engine analysis in MSC.ADAMS environment
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Research of a seal work as an element of the air engine support
Vinogradov A.S., Rempel A.P.
Experimental analysis of flow separation in low thrust rocket engine nozzles with a profiled supersonic part of the nozzle
Shustov S.A.
Characteristics of the sampling instrument for measuring emissions of an aircraft gas turbine engine
Okhlobystin A.V., Lyubimov R.V., Sokolova N.N.
Introduction to the problem of calculating the parameters of the mixing chamber of an afterburning bypass engine
Karev O.D.
Development of improved performance electromagnetic valve for liquid rocket engine
Igolkin A.A., Chubenko T.A., Maksimov A.D.
Technique of conclusion the direct-flow detonation pulsing engine design to the leader position
Safronov V.V., Porshnev V.A., Zhebrakov A.S.
Research of the possibility of thermal conditions LREST using an infrared thermal imaging system
Ryzhkov V.V., Silyutin M.V.
Numerical study of possibility of reliable diagnostics of gas turbine engine by gasdynamic parameters using a linear mathematical model
Gerasimov A.B., Sundukov M.Y.
Research of the postoperational condition of the restored compressor shovels of GTD gas-transfer of the units which have fulfilled the appointed resource
Tarasenko Y.P., Tsareva I.N., Krivina L.A.
Influence of the geometry fidelity of resonant sound-absorbing liner samples on their acoustic characteristics
Kustov O.Y., Khramtsov I.V., Bulbovich R.V.
Automated construction of a fan blade model according to data of CAD profile measurements
Arkhipov A.N., Bugrjashova E.V., Ravikovich Y.A., Savin R.A., Terentjev V.V., Shevjakov A.O.
Methods of evaluating low-cycle fatigue of gas turbine engine parts exemplified by a high-pressure turbine cover plate
Kocherova E.E.
Improvement of gas turbine engines due to isothermal expansion in the turbine
Muraeva M.A., Gorjunov I.M.
The influence of booster design features on aicraft engine fan tonal noise
Khaletskiy Y.D., Korzhnev V.N., Pochkin Y.S.
Development and analysis of screw restrictor hydraulic characteristics in the air bleed valve control unit of a gas turbine engine
Gimadiev A.G., Makaryants G.M., Blyumin K.V., Dudnichenko I.M.
Modification of the starter turbine disk for blade containment certification tests
Karimbaev K.D., Sapronov D.V.
Analysis of the properties of water condensate obtained from heat engine exhaust yases
Knysh Y.A., Uglanov D.A.
Calculation of exciting aerodynamic load on a gas turbine engine compressor blade induced by the effect of a non-uniform gas flow
Ermakov A.I., Shklovets A.O., Fedorchenko D.G.
Development of a single-section demonstrator rotary engine on the basis of a modern complex design procedure
Kostyuchenkov A.N., Zelentsov A.A., Semenov P.V., Minin V.P.
Research of the influence of design parameters of a 400 N-thrust low-thrust liquid rocket engine on its energy efficiency
Ageenko Y.I., Ilyin R.V., Pegin I.V.
Thermoplastic strengsening of blades aircraft gas turbine engines
Krotinov N.B.
The calculation of optimum worker frequencies of the thermoacoustic electric generator with including ready electrodynamic unit and given load
Vorotnikov G.V., Kryuchkov A.N.
Choosing the optimal method of the centrifugal loads modeling using 2D FE models of the compressor’s disks slots
Balyaeva N.N., Guschin A.Y.
Methods of increase of wear resistance and vibroakusticheskikh of parameters of knots of the friction of space equipment
Gromakovsky D.G., Kovshov A.G., Kotcherov E.P., Makaryants M.V.
Optimal distribution of turboprop engine free energy between the screw and the jet with mass characteristics taken into account
Grigoriev V.A., Prokaev A.S.
Modelling of an ejector for turbine aeroengines for application in performance synthesis tools
Georgi J., Staudacher S., Falaleev S.V.
Hard & soft complex for “Angara” family launch vehicles engine system development
Partola I.S.
Some results of experimental refining of a constant volume valve combustion chamber
Bogdanov V.I., Kuznetsov S.P.
Development of turbopump unit design for hydrogen liquid-propellant rocket engines without generators developed at the design bureau of chemical automation
Dmitrenko A.I., Ivanov A.V., Rachuk V.S.
A separator skidding in the cylindrical roller bearing between shafts of the gas turbine engine
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Development and study of the designs of sprayers with increased speed for internal combustion engine (ice)
, ,
Mixing parameters investigations and methods of approach to calculations and development of the thrusters with a spray-centrifugal scheme of NT and NDMH mixing on the confusion chamber wall in considered
1 1.
Problems of making auxiliary gas turbine engines with gas bearing rotors
Ponomaryov B.A., Gavrilov V.V.
Development of an algorithm of design calculation of a combustion chamber for microturbine electric power plants
Matveev S.G., Abrashkin V.Y., Orlov M.Y., Lansky A.M., Makarov N.S., Matveev S.S., Anisimov M.Y.
Increasing the sensitivity and expanding the functionality of bipolar analysis of rotary machine vibrations
Sundukov A.E., Shakhmatov Y.V.
Gas turbine engine dynamic model based on variable-memory LSTM architecture
Kuznetsov A.V., Makaryants G.M.
Life of gas turbine engine components under corrosive exposure
Pivovarova M.V., Gladkiy I.L.
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