Development of a single-section demonstrator rotary engine on the basis of a modern complex design procedure


There is no manufacture of aviation engines in power range of 100-300 hp. One of the most perspective decisions of the domestic low-sized aviation engines developing is creation of engines on the basis of modularity principle. This principle consists in designing of the unified power part and creation on the basis of it multisection or multicylinder engines for maintenance necessary performance. Most simply given problem dares at creation of rotary engines. The paper presents modern design procedure of single rotary engine. This procedure includes statement of target engineering performance, calculation of the basic dimensions of rotary engine, engine performance assessment subject to gas dynamics and mechanical losses, simulation of working process subject to basic dimensions of rotary engine and heat transfer into combustion chamber wall. 3D-model of rotary engines is created on the basis of calculations mentioned above. Calculation of engine geometry is carried out by analytical methods. Performance of rotary engine is calculated by using modern software. The 100 hp single rotary engine project was developed on the basis of this design procedure. In future this design procedure will be applied for developing 200 hp and 300 hp aviation rotary engines.

About the authors

A. N. Kostyuchenkov

Central institute of aviation motors, Moscow

Author for correspondence.

Сandidate of Science (Engineering)

Chief of sector perspective aviation piston engines

Russian Federation

A. A. Zelentsov

Central institute of aviation motors, Moscow


Candidate of Science (Engineering)


Russian Federation

P. V. Semenov

Central institute of aviation motors, Moscow


Junior researcher

Russian Federation

V. P. Minin

Central institute of aviation motors, Moscow



Russian Federation


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