Cycle parameters of an internal combustion spark-ignition gas piston engine with an electronic control system


The purpose of the work is to develop methods of managing the cycle of bifuel and single-fuel vehicles with engines running both on petrol and gas fuel as well as physically and mathematically reasonable algorithms for an electronic control system. On the basis of full-scale tests of an internal combustion spark-ignition piston engine and a technique developed for designing an ejeсtor with non-stationary physical parameters of working bodies a method of compensating power losses by ejecting a portion of air with the help of pressure difference on the valve of a gas electromagnetic injector is proposed. On the basis of the theoretical analysis and experimental data an algorithm of determining the fuel injection rate taking into account the subcritical or critical fuel discharge from the injector nozzle, the change in the speed of sound, the gas fuel pressure undershoot in the process of fuel feeding and the power supply voltage on the electromagnetic coil of the gas injector is developed. A method of determining the ignition advance angle when switching from petrol to gas fuel is developed for an electronic control system of an internal combustion spark-ignition engine which serves as the basis for calculating
the adjusting factors for liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gas.

About the authors

V. A. Shishkov

Limited Liability Company “Rekar”

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Doctor of Science (Engineering)

Chief Technical Officer


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