Calculation of exciting aerodynamic load on a gas turbine engine compressor blade induced by the effect of a non-uniform gas flow


Work is devoted to the creation of a design procedure of the exciting loads occurring on the impeller blades of GTE in situations of uneven circumferential gas load. The presence in the path of the engine bluff bodies, such racks engine mounts, causing substantial circumferential flow unevenness. Consequently, in blades having dangerous resonant vibrations that can lead to product failure. Determination of amplitude of the excited harmonics in the design phase will assess the severity of forced oscillations of the blades. The technique of determining the excitation of harmonics in the flow allows the calculation of the amplitude, to determine the impact of structural changes in the running of the engine on them. The finite element model consists of the inlet guide vane, rotor blades and bearing racks. Gas dynamic load is determined in units of rotor blades, but a small number of blades, eg for fan impellers, the accuracy of the excitation amplitudes of harmonics may be insufficient. Using the capabilities of Ansys CFX, gas-dynamic load is defined in additional areas path between the rotor blades. In work changing amplitudes of harmonics based on the number of measurement points of load.

About the authors

A. I. Ermakov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor

A. O. Shklovets

Samara State Aerospace University


Russian Federation

Associate research fellow of sectoral research laboratory "Vibration resistance and reliability of aeronautical products"

D. G. Fedorchenko

Joint-Stock Company «Metallist-Samara»


Russian Federation

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Chief designer


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