Operation of an electronic system of control for spark-ignition gas fuel internal combustion engines in ignition misses


The paper is devoted to the operation of a spark-ignition internal combustion engine (ICE) with an electronic control system in ignition misses in case of using either petrol or gas fuel. The negative effect of ignition misses on the operation of engines using both kinds of fuel is shown. An algorithm of identifying ignition misses according to the signals from the gauges of the electronic control system is described. Ways of improving the algorithm of ICE control in ignition misses in case of using gas fuel and possibilities of reversal of the cylinders wherein they take place to petrol are suggested.

About the authors

V. A. Shishkov

Samara State Aerospace University named after academician S. P. Korolyov (National Research University)

Author for correspondence.
Email: Vladimir-Shishkov@yandex.ru

Russian Federation

candidate of technical sciences
associate professor of the department of mashinostroenie




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