Dynamic of the a safety vent valve


The mathematical model that simulates the running of drainage safety valve is concerned. The valve controls pressure through the sensor. The movement is discussed taking into account the following aspects: alterations of pneumatic capacities specified in device design, alterations of the pressure in pneumatic volumes at the permanent temperature, there is gas overflow occurring in special channels between specified volumes, there is the friction between the valve plate and its sliding rail, there are periodical external dithers of a variable frequency. The results of computational modeling and cause analysis of maintained pressure depreciation by the specified frequencies are provided.

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M. V. Makaryjants

Samara Space Centre “Progress”

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L. V. Kudyurov

Samara State Railway University

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Yu. K. Mustafaev

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D. V. Tumanov

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  1. Stadnik D.M., Sverbilov V.Ya., Makaryants G.M. Providing stability and elimination self-exited oscillations of a pilotoperated gas pressure control valve // Vektor nauki TGU. 2013. No. 2. P. 203-211. (In Russ.)
  2. Timoshenko S.P. Kolebaniya v inzhenernom dele [Vibration problems in engeneering]. Moscow: Fizmatlit Publ., 1959. 439 p.



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