Mathematical models of squeeze film dampers in rotor dynamics of gas turbine engines


The paper focuses on the choice of mathematical models of squeeze film dampers and methods of their numerical implementations for gas turbine engine rotor dynamics problems. The present contribution is aimed at establishing criteria for the application of mathematical models of a squeeze film damper depending on the damper characteristics and operating conditions. The models are grouped by the dimension of the considered physical space, i.e. three-dimensional, two-dimensional and one-dimensional modeling patterns. The work presents principles of setting boundary conditions for mechanical seals to be adequately simulated. Criteria of assessing the necessity of taking into account such physical phenomena as turbulence, fluid inertia, and cavitation are presented. The proposed mathematical models are primarily developed for the computation of integral characteristics of squeeze film dampers, such as reaction forces and dynamic stiffness and damping coefficients required for solving rotor dynamics problems.

About the authors

M. N. Kutakov

Engineering & consulting centre for dynamic problems in rotating machinery Alfa-Tranzit., Co. Ltd.

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Software engineer

S. A. Degtiarev

Engineering & consulting centre for dynamic problems in rotating machinery Alfa-Tranzit., Co. Ltd.


Russian Federation

Development team leader

M. K. Leontiev

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)


Russian Federation

Doctor of Science (Engineering)

Professor of Department “Construction and Design of Engines”


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