Simulation of the process of angular rate damping of the SamSat-218D nanosatellite after separation from the launching-transporting container


The paper presents an algorithm of damping the initial angular rate of the SamSat-218D nanosatellite after its separation from the transporting-launching container. Three mutually orthogonal magnetic coils are used as actuators that provide damping of the initial angular rate on board the nanosatellite. The traditional B-dot algorithm is used as the damping algorithm. Two operating modes are possible for the B-dot algorithm: a continuous mode and a discrete one. As the continuous operating mode of the magnetic coils onboard the nanosatellite in orbital flight is inexpedient because of the necessity of measuring the Earth magnetic field intensity vector the discrete mode of operating of the algorithm of damping the initial angular velocities acquired by the nanosatellite after its separation from the transporting-launching container is analyzed. The results of the mathematical simulation during the analysis of choosing discretization intervals in the algorithm of damping the initial angular rate of the SamSat-218D nanosatellite are presented.

About the authors

M. E. Melnik

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Postgraduate student

Russian Federation


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