Development of methods of modeling and computer aided design of gas turbine engines


Methods of computer-aided design and modeling of GTE are discussed. The results of development of a universal, open technology for simulation of sophisticated technical objects are described. The proposed technology allows solving simulation tasks for modeling the performance of aircraft engines as a part of an aircraft. Other technical objects successfully simulated using this technology, include power plants of various types. The experience of automated selection of construction layout of gas turbine engines is shown. Co-modeling of gas turbine engine and its automated control system is described. The research was conducted using domestic PLM and CAD/CAE systems, such as SPRAD, Stalker, and a number of other applications for technological design of parts and components of gas turbine engines. The effectiveness of combining the functionality of the multi-level simulation with the means of CAD/CAE/PLM systems is shown. Shown use DVIG at seminatural simulation TVVD (D-27) and its ACS. A method for obtaining the characteristics of compressors, using the developed simulation systems blade rows, steps, compressors and dvigateley.V including new approaches to the design of turbomachinery (tracking method jets - ISO). Shows the results of the development of LSI components for the organization Operation Support GTD to-date. In particular, it is described developed IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual) Operating GTR (gas turbine drive) AL-31ST used in Gazprom at compressor stations.

About the authors

I. A. Krivosheev

Ufa State Aviation Technical University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering), professor

Russian Federation

D. G. Kozhinov

Ufa State Aviation Technical University


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Associate professor

Russian Federation


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