Comparative analysis of fuel distribution downstream of the gas-dynamic flame holder with various methods of injection


The article deals with the problems of atomization and distribution of liquid fuel in a swirling flow downstream of the front-end gas-dynamic stabilizer designed for the use in gas turbine engine combustion chambers. The task is to compare the distributions of droplet-liquid fuel in the wake of the stabilizer when the fuel is injected from the side and end surfaces of the device in question. It is shown that the calculations performed according to a stationary model are qualitatively different from the non-stationary ones in both fuel supply options. However, in the first approximation, the distributions of liquid droplet fuel fed from the side and end surfaces of the stabilizer are similar.  An experimental study of the spray characteristics was conducted by the Shadowgraphy method of diagnosing droplet-air fluxes with the fuel supplied at an azimuthal angle of 45° from the side surface of the gas-dynamic stabilizer. It is shown that if the fuel is injected at an angle it leads to a change in the velocity distribution in the wake of the stabilizer, and the flow swirl opposite to direction of azimuth fuel supply expands the spray pattern.

About the authors

V. V. Tretyakov

Central Institute of Aviation Motors

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Candidate of Science (Phys. & Math.), Associate Professor,
Leading Research Associate

A. A. Sviridenkov

Central Institute of Aviation Motors


Russian Federation

Senior Research Associate


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