Simulation of wire manufacturing production cycle


The production cycle of manufacturing FLRY-25-Cc wire is analyzed making use of the work place photos obtained by measuring the time spent on each operation. A comprehensive account of the peculiarities of each operation the cycle consists of is proposed in the paper. It will help to optimize the production cycle. A model of the production process of wire manufacturing is constructed using a professional computational simulation tool Any Logic, which makes it possible to assess the impact of changes in various parameters of the system on the course of the production process.  Shortcomings in the organization of production of wires associated with irrational use of the equipment available, production cycle operations, logistics and product awareness of staff are revealed. Measures to optimize the production cycle of wire manufacturing are proposed that give a 40% increase of production efficiency.

About the authors

I. N. Haymovich

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Engineering
Professor of the Department of Metal Forming

Russian Federation

D. G. Skripachyov

Samara Cable Company


Leading process engineer

Russian Federation

S. Yu. Kolesnikova

Samara State Aerospace University


Postgraduate student of the Department of Metal Forming

Russian Federation


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PDF (Russian): 1940




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