Effect of radial location of nozzles on width on performance of pre-swirl systems


This paper investigates the effect of radial location of the inlet nozzles on effectiveness Θ and total pressure losses ζ of pre-swirl systems. A commercial code Ansys CFX is used to solve the Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes (RANS) equations using SST turbulence model with wall functions approach. Computations are performed for the flow parameter 0.375 < < 0.75 Т λ , rotational Reynolds number 1.69⋅107 < ReФ < 2.33⋅107 , throughflow Reynolds number or non-dimensional mass flow rate 2.79⋅107 < Cw < 5.73⋅107 and swirl ratio 0.548 < β < 2.5 . The principles of the most appropriate radius were developed. Also the problem of heat exchanger was discussed.

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R. A. Didenko

JSC “Saturn”, Rybinsk

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Russian Federation

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D. V. Karelin

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D. G. Ievlev

JSC “Saturn”, Rybinsk

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V. V. Lebedev

Rybinsk State Academy of Aviation Technology named P.A. Solovjov

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Candidate of Engineering Science

Docent of Aviation Engines Chair


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