Morphological characteristics of the intermetallic phase of heat resisting nickel alloys


The paper discusses the main stages of the automatic quantitative analysis of parameters of the γ'-dispersed phase in high-temperature polycrystalline nickel alloys and indicates their main difference from the standard methods of analyzing disconnected phases. We present 4 classes of characteristics of dispersed phase particles. These characteristics include the volume fraction, the dimensional parameters of particles and the spatial distribution parameters. For example, we calculated the parameters of the γ'-phase of a blade made of a heat resisting nickel alloy In792. The volume fraction and the equivalent diameter of the γ'-phase disperse particles increase in operation while their concentration decreases. These parameters of the γ'-phase change with changes in the mechanical properties of the alloy. The shape of the particles and the scatter of γ'-phase concentration change little in the process of operation. 

About the authors

S. V. Kirikov

Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Author for correspondence.

postgraduate student

Russian Federation

V. N. Perevezentsev

Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Doctor of  Science (Physics and Mathematics), Professor
Scientific Director 

Russian Federation

Yu. P. Tarasenko

Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Candidate of Science (Physics and Mathematics)
Head of Laboratory

Russian Federation


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