Formation of a method of choosing rational values of ultralow power turbine parameters in a turbine drive system


The problem of structural and parametric optimization of ultralow power turbine (ULPT) in the system of turbine drive (ULPTD) on the initial design stage is formulated. It is described a method and algorithm for selection of rational value sand schemes of ULPT during optimization. Optimization problem involves the use of par ametric minimax principle of optimality in the choice of a rational variant of the turbine, which ensures the reliability of selected solutions. The estimation of the reliability and method effectiveness developed by its validation with the method of designing multimode ULPTD аnd results of computational experiments. The examples of energy and mass efficiency improving of aerospace turbine drive special purpose using the developed method are given. Validation was carried out by the example of the initial design of multi-mode centripetal turbine drive for special purposes. It has been shown that the efficiency by mass turbine drive special purpose can be enhanced with minimal loss in efficiency, if the two-criteria optimization problem solving. Its decision at a loss in terms of efficiency and weight of 1.8% and 11% with respect to the results of a one-criterion optimization possible to increase the efficiency of turbine drive initial version by 6.5% and reduce its weight by 25%. Also it is formed a look of turbine drive switching device. The use of axial turbine instead of centripetal at worst case of original data has allowed to reduce the specific consumption of working fluid and the specific drive mass on the 24 and 48%, respectively.

About the authors

D. S. Kalabuhov

Samara State Aerospace University, Samara

Author for correspondence.

Junior researcher

Russian Federation

V. A. Grigoryev

Samara State Aerospace University, Samara


Doctor of Science (Engineering)

Professor of the aircraft engines theory department

Russian Federation

V. M. Rad’ko

Samara State Aerospace University, Samara


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Associate professor of the aircraft engines theory department

Russian Federation


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