Estimation of mass-dimensional characteristics of a complex propulsion unit of earth remote sensing spacecraft


An estimation method for weight and size characteristics of complex propulsion unit (CPS) of the Earth remote observation spacecraft determination based on calculations of required characteristic velocity needed to carry out various kinds of maneuvering is proposed. Program complex for automated posing and solving of design problems by choosing the design characteristics of CPS is developed based on a problem-oriented programming and implementing the exact approximation concept. Within the concept, optimization of CPS basic design parameters is carried out in implicit form, without setting the mathematical programming problem, which requires formulation of objective functions and limitations. Software package developed in the programming language Java is described. Use of the package is illustrated by determination of CPS parameters needed to provide given characteristic velocity for the spacecraft with given mass. In order to perform quick comparative analysis of alternative design versions of CPS, the package provides import of calculated design parameters into 3D design system wherein original parameterized CPS model may be preliminarily constructed.

About the authors

V. I. Kurenkov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering)

Professor of the department of Aerospace Engineering

Russian Federation

A. S. Kucherov

Samara State Aerospace University


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Associate Professor of the department of Aerospace Engineering

Russian Federation

A. A. Yakishik

Samara State Aerospace University


Postgraduate student of the department of Aerospace Engineering

Russian Federation


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