Optimization of the design of a railway searchlight in the ANSYS software environment


In article results of determination of eigenfrequencies of a design of a searchlight of an electric locomotive of the VL series by means of program system of the final and element analysis of ANSYS are stated. The solid-state model of a searchlight having physics and technology parameters of components of a design and the geometrical sizes of a real searchlight was developed for the analysis of vibrostability of a design. As a light source of a front lamp the incandescent lamp and light-emitting diodes were used. Thus for a light-emitting diode the boss from the ceramic material preventing thermal deformations of a substrate was designed. The quantity of light-emitting diodes was chosen, proceeding from lighting requirements to illuminants on the Russian railroad. The analysis of solid-state models of the searchlight using as a light source the incandescent lamp and light-emitting diodes, showed that the searchlight design with light-emitting diodes has weight on 900 grams bigger than a searchlight with the incandescent lamp. The received sizes of eigenfrequencies were compared with frequencies of periodic vibrations which are tested by the rolling stock. For frequencies of vibrations, possible on railway locomotives, deformations of two designs of a searchlight which showed were defined that shortcomings are inherent in both designs. When using as an incandescent lamp light source eigenfrequencies of a design promote destruction of a flask of a lamp, both on top, and at low frequencies of the fluctuations inherent in a range of vibrations of the locomotive. In case of use of light-emitting diodes in a searchlight nature of deformations of a design indicates the need of reduction of its component weight at preservation of necessary rigidity. The carried-out analysis allowed to reveal the directions of development of a design of the searchlight, vibrostability of a searchlight providing increase with a LED light source: application of edges of rigidity and facilitating grooves.

About the authors

S. R. Abulkhanov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.
Email: mom@ssau.ru

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Associate Professor of machining of materials department

Russian Federation


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