Application of stereolithography prototypes for gas dynamic tests


Planning any pilot study brings up the question of producing test specimens. These are quite often rather complex, consisting of several individual parts put together. Test specimens are very expensive and take long time to produce using traditional technologies of production because of high accuracy required of them and absence of quantity production. Dynamically developing additive technologies (rapid prototyping) make it possible to produce plastic and metal parts of any form using a uniform technology. Therein the complexity of the part shape practically does not increase the manufacturing complexity and the need for equipment is absent or minimal. Laser stereolithography (SLA – Stereolithography Laser Additive) is one of the earliest and most precise technologies of 3D-printing. The paper presents the experience of using a prototyping machine on the basis of laser stereolithography for the production of experimental specimens for gas-dynamic investigations. On the basis of synthesis of this experience, basic requirements for similar experimental specimens are formulated: durability, rigidity and hardness, impermeability for gas or liquid, resistance to working fluid diffusion, resistance to chemically aggressive fluids (including fuels, oils). Comparison of different technologies of prototyping shows that stereolithographic models meet all listed requirements better than others. 

About the authors

V. N. Matveev

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering)

Professor of the Department of the Theory of Aircraft Engines

Russian Federation

L. S. Shabliy

Samara State Aerospace University


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Assistant Professor of the Department of the Theory of Aircraft Engines

Russian Federation

A. V. Krivcov

Samara State Aerospace University


Assistant of the Department of the Theory of Aircraft Engines

Russian Federation


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