Development of small satellite structure taking into account the use of laser measuring systems

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The article presents some information on the development of the design concept of a small satellite for Earth remote sensing. The AIST-2D engineering test small satellite is a co-development of the Progress Space-Rocket Centre and the Samara National Research University. The article sets forth the requirements to design of the small satellite that was developed taking into account the use of a laser-gaging system. The author describes the process of elaborating 3D design documents with the use of the top-down design method. The results of technical feasibility assessment are given, as well as the recommendations on configuring a small satellite to meet the above-mentioned requirements. The technology of measuring the actual positions of seats for hardware of high positional location accuracy is considered. The technology is based on the use of a laser tracker. The author obtained positive results of dummy tests that proved the correctness of the solutions chosen. The recommendations on further application of this technology are defined.

About the authors

S. N. Shaposhnikov

Joint Stock Company Space Rocket Centre Progress

Author for correspondence.

leading design engineer

Russian Federation


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