Method of calculating dynamic designs of space launch vehicles for designing systems of stabilization of their motion

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Dynamic designs of tandem space launch vehicles are calculated according to the standard
OST 92-4548-85. The eigenmodes and eigenfrequencies of the elastic structure are calculated using the MSC Nastran or a similar program. We propose an addition to the existing methods of calculating dynamic designs of liquid-propellant rockets with account for their elasticity applying a method oriented towards operational generation of input data for developing systems of stabilizing their motion. We developed a procedure containing calculation of eigenmodes and eigenfrequencies of missile body elastic modes and the coefficients of impact of the elastic modes and surplus degrees of freedom. To demonstrate the method’s efficiency, in taking down the results for tandem launch vehicles in the analytical form the OST formulas are re-derived. In validating the proposed method of calculating design schemes we obtained results practically coincident with the already applied formulas for the range of tasks under examination. The versatility of the proposed method is illustrated by calculation of coefficients absent from the OST because the factors influencing rocket dynamics are not taken into account in the standard. The proposed method is distinguished by its generality, which allows describing various types of launch vehicles while taking into account all significant factors that influence the dynamics of their motion.

About the authors

V. A. Lobanov

Academician Pilyugin Center

Author for correspondence.

Senior Researcher

Russian Federation


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