Computational algorithm of forming program motion in a scheduled turn of small spacecraft
Salmin V.V., Filatov A.V., Tkachenko I.S., Tyugashev A.A., Sopchenko E.V.
Control over the financial and economic activity of a joint-stock company carried out by the board of directors
Bogatyryov V.D., Khakimova A.K.
Device for rejection of semiconductor diodes
Tyulevin S.V., Piganov M.N., Chopin G.P., Arhipov A.I.
Design of control moment gyro electric drive with strict requirements on ensuring desired rotational velocities
Polozhentcev D.S., Davidov A.A., Shipov M.G., Kazakov E.P., Malykh B.I.
Stabilization of steady motions of a single rotor gyrostat with a cavity filled with a liquid of high viscosity
Alekseev A.V., Bezglasny S.P., Krasnikov V.S.
Solving the problem of minimax closed-loop control of liquid-propellant launch vehicle fuel consumption control
Shorikov A.F., Kalev V.I.
Design of robust systems for the stabilization of unmanned aircraft equipment
Sushchenko O.A., Azarskov V.N.
Algorithm for solving optimal open-loop terminal control problem for spacecraft rendezvous with account of constraints on the state
Shorikov A.F., Goranov A.Y.
Control program for noncoplanar heliocentric flight to Venus of non-perfectly reflecting solar sail spacecraft
Khabibullin R.M.
Optimal program of controlling continuous low thrust in the flight between noncoplanar elliptical and geostationary orbits
Fadeenkov P.V., Ishkov S.A.
Optimizing a vehicle trans-atmospheric motion using Pontryagin’s maximum principle
Balakin V.L., Ishkov S.A., Khramov A.A.
The integrated information model architecture for working out, manufacture and operation GTE together with its system of automatic control, the control and diagnostics
Kulikov G.G., Rizvanov K.A., Denisova S.S.
Method of controllung the angular position of IO ASD relative to the system of coordinates of a gyrostabilized platform
Degtyarev M.S.
Simulation of fluid contamination control process
Gareyev A.M.
Increasing the overall performance of a two-stroke engine with spark ignition by fuel injection
Dovgyallo A.I., Krasheninnikov S.V., Shchepetov D.A.
Efficiency of terminal control in the trans-atmospheric first stage of an aerospace system under atmospheric and aerodynamic disturbances
Balakin V.L., Kovalyov A.V., Krikunov M.M.
Research and optimization of parameters of a system controlling the process of tube inside surface coating
Skvortsov B.V., Zaretskaya M.I., Kurylyova P.A.
Conducting functional control of field-programmable gate arrays
Ogurtsov A.A.
Creation of infotainment support of designing of control algorithms logic of spacecraft onboard control complexeses
1 1.
Dynamics of the hydromechanical system of a production machine with an adaptive tool-feeding drive
Sidorenko V.S., Poleshkin M.S., Rakulenko S.V.
Check and prediction of gas-turbine engine’s technical state
Zotin N.A.
The use of computational methods for the parametrization of the angular motion control program in on-board control systems of Earth remote sensing spacecraft
Galkina A.S., Manturov A.I., Pyrinov N.I., Yurin V.E.
Research of small spacecraft dynamiсs taking into account the influence of elastic vibrations of asjacent solar panels and aerodynamic moment
Yelenev V.D., Titov B.A., Davydov E.I., Davydov I.E., Kochyan A.G., Yudintsev V.V.
Modelling the architecture of a system controlling the condition of maintenance objects
Koptev A.N., Yergaliyev D.S., Sakhanov K.Z.
Algorithm of adaptation of an electronic control system of internal combustion engines to various chemical compositions of gas fuel
Shishkov V.A.
Determining the angle of advance of ignition when switching from petrol to gas depending on fuel mixture burning rate
Shishkov V.A.
Generation of control programes for disposable unmanned aircraft vehicle propulsion system by means of dynamic characteristic
Mikhailov A.Y., Akhmedzyanov D.A., Akhmetov Y.M., Mikhailova A.B.
Disturbed transatmospheric motion of the first stage of an aerospace system
Krikunov M.M.
Development and analysis of screw restrictor hydraulic characteristics in the air bleed valve control unit of a gas turbine engine
Gimadiev A.G., Makaryants G.M., Blyumin K.V., Dudnichenko I.M.
Command control of hypersonic cruising aircraft during climb
Balakin V.L., Kotchyan A.G.
Cycle parameters of an internal combustion spark-ignition gas piston engine with an electronic control system
Shishkov V.A.
Complex automation of process planing and numeric control of mechanical processing of hulls details
Khrustitskiy K.V., Cherepashkov A.A.
Rearrangement of digital control algorithms with variable discrete pitch size
Belonogov V.D.
Device for monitoring radiation situation on spacecraft
Syomkin N.D., Plokhotnichenko P.G., Ilyin A.B., Kalaev M.P., Ryazanov D.M., Pomel'nikov P.A.
Mathematical modeling of dynamic processes in a hydraulic drive with a discrete regulator of liquid flow
Shakhmatov Y.V., Gimadiev A.G., Sverbilov V.Y., Sinyakov A.F.
Experience in the development of 11Д58MФ liquid rocket engines
Smolentsev A.A.
Resonant converter with PWM output voltage adjustment
Vorokh D.A., Makhov A.I.
Improvement of the flight attitude control accuracy of the Earth observation spacecraft
Akhmetov R.N., Sollogub A.V., Makarov V.P., Golovchenko A.A., Filatov A.V.
Modelling changes of condition of aircraft hydraulic system working fluid
Gareyev A.M.
Suppression of gas-dynamic self-oscillations in the outflow line of a gas control valve
Balyaba M.V., Ermilov M.A., Kryuchkov A.N., Shabanov K.U.
Disturbed motion of the hypersonic first stage of an aerospace system in climb
Balakin V.L., Krikunov M.M.
Increase of the role of conformity assessment at the facilities controlled by the federal service on ecological, technological and nuclear supervision
Barvinok V.A., Naumov L.A., Dolgikh A.V.
Length of restoration sequences for systems without information loss
Shulga T.E.
Mechanism for the development of an organization process control system
Gerasimov K.B.
The combined fuel draining control system for liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen upper stage
Ivanov V.P., Partola I.S.
Visual approach to verifictaion of real-time control software
Tyugashev A.A., Bogatov A.Y., Shulyndin A.V.
Problems of synthesis and analysis of the system behaviour control theory on the basis of functional redundancy properties for the class of group automata
Sytnik A.A., Shulga T.E., Vagarina N.S.
Arrangement of data for the formation of a multidimensional array of essential insights in automated enterprise management system
Kartamyshev A.S.
Discreet-time models of parameters of leasing contract optimum control
Pavlov O.V., Fudobina E.A.
Using active noise suppression non-adaptive systems with a transfer function model for the reduction of medical equipment noise
Sementsov S.G.
Disturbed motion of a hypersonic vehicle in climb
Balakin V.L., Krikunov M.M.
Mathematical model of fuel sloshing in the measuring channel of the fuel expenditure control system
Kryukov Y.A.
Optimal command control of flight paths of aerospace system hypersonic first stage in conditions of atmospheric disturbances
Krikunov M.M.
Mathematical models of optimal investment control in fixed assets
Pavlov O.V., Moshkova T.A.
Extrapolation of conditions of an information measuring and control system with the iterative algorithm of operation
Zelensky V.A.
Bringing spacecraft into solar-oriented attitude by the measurements of a single-axis angular-rate sensor and an optical solar sensor
Shipov M.G., Steklova A.A., Davydov A.A.
Fluctuations of pressure in rail gas injection of engines with spark ignition
Shishkov V.A.
Constructing the specification for the on-board realtime control algorithm
Tyugashev A.A., Bogatov A.Y.
Current state of the theory and practice of circuit wiring control and testing of the avionics of rocket fairings of middle-class launch vehicles
Koptev A.N., Gulyaev A.A.
Optimal command control of hypersonic aircraft flight path in conditions of atmospheric disturbances
Krikunov M.M.
Dynamic process modeling of aircraft engine control system
Blyumin K.V.
Stabilization of a pilot-operated gas pressure control valve by placing a throttle at the inlet
Stadnik D.M., Sverbilov V.Y., Makaryants G.M., Makaryants M.V.
Reliability indicators of information control systems with hardware and software failures as complex time functions
Maryukhnenko V.S.
Missile control on the basis of construction of attainability domains
Tolpegin O.A.
Test rig for a hydraulic drive under switched inertance control
Shorin V.P., Sverbilov V.Y., Gimadiev A.G., Greshniakov P.I., Ilyukhin V.N., Stadnik D.M.
Experimental verification of the specified characteristics of a solar battery at the stages of production and ground operation
Shuplyak Y.P., Sorokoletov V.I.
Method of improving control using a simulation object model and its application to the problem of helicopter emergency landing manoeuvre optimization
Kvokov V.N., Trushkova Y.A., Ukhin M.Y.
Development of information support for the spacecraft controlalgorithm design process
1 1., 1 1.
Real-time control algorithms requirements verification mathematical model implementation in visual design computer-aided system
Shulyndin A.V., Tjugashev A.A.
Optimization of spatial turns of «AIST-2» small spacecraft on the basis of the principle of minimum control
Petrishchev V.F., Shipov M.G.
System-simulator load the steering organs
Aliluev A.V.
Reduction of angular velocities of AIST-2D spacecraft using a system of kinetic moment dumping
Shipov M.G.
Control of the aircraft hydraulic system technical conditions on the basis of monitoring viscidity values and purity level of fluid power
Kovalev M.A., Borodkin G.V.
Module of storing information: combining the functions of authorizing access and transfer of information within the control system equipment
Hanevsky D.A., Solovieva N.V., Ananyin A.S., Shchepochkin I.N.
Optimization of space vehicle combined orbital plane change maneuver on the basis of the successive linearization method
Balakin V.L., Ishkov S.A., Khramov A.A.
Flight development tests and attempted operation of «AIST» small satellites
Kirilin A.N., Tkachenko S.I., Salmin V.V., Semkin N.D., Papkov A.P., Abrashkin V.I., Tkachenko I.S., Zheleznov Y.E., Galaeva E.Y.
Development of a calculation method for control system of radial clearance in the turbine of gas turbine engine
Bondarchuk P.V., Tisarev A.Y., Lavrushin M.V.
Developing a mathematical model of aircraft honeycomb sandwiches
Tits S.N.
Optimization of space vehicle trans-atmospheric motion by using the method of sequential linearization
Balakin V.L., Ishkov S.A., Khramov A.A.
Ensuring permissible level of gas turbine dynamic loading in operation by means of standard engine control devices
Chervonyuk V.V., Korovin B.B.
On-stand emergency protection and control system for propulsion tests of «Soyuz-2-1B» launch vehicle
Liseykin V.A., Tozhokin I.A.
Backstepping synthesis of the height control system of an unmanned aerial vehicle
Akhramovich S.A., Barinov A.V., Malyshev V.V., Starkov A.V.
Gas-turbine unit development experience for rotors wedging correction
Kozlyakova I.S., Krupin V.P., Potkin A.N., Fadeev V.A.
System of artificial intellect support of low-thrust spacecraft interplanetary mission optimization
Starinova O.L.
Investigation of thermal conditions of nanosatellite optoelectronic telescopic module for different modes of operation
Tsaplin S.V., Bolychev S.A.
Optimal control laws of onboard coils for the reduction of angular momentum and damping of angular velocity of nanosatellites and microsatellites with magnetic coils on board
Lyubimov V.V., Podkletnova S.V.
Onboard digital computer systems of the «Malachite» family for extreme conditions
Antimirov V.M., Umansky A.B., Shalimov L.N.
Development of discrete pneumatic pressure regulator and researching of its characteristics
Greshniakov P.I., Sinyakov A.F., Ilukhin V.N.
Approximate methods of calculating optimal flights of space vehicles with low-thrust engines. Part II
Salmin V.V., Vassiliev V.V., Ishkov S.A., Romanenko V.A., Sokolov V.O., Starinova O.L., Yurin V.V.
Micro gas turbine engine imitation model
Kuznetsov A.V., Makaryants G.M.
Optimum programs of correction of quasielliptical and circular orbits of spacecraft with the limited-thrust engine
Khramov A.A.
Solving tasks of control and targeting for remote sensing devices by systems of processing and analysis of visual information
Sbrodov V.V., Sviridov V.P., Safronov S.G.
NC machine tools contact measuring devices uncertainty when products geometrical parameters control
Bolotov M.I., Zhidyaev A.N., Surkov O.S., Tiapaev N.V., Papsuev I.V.
Optimizing the propulsion of a hypersonic accelerator aircraft of a two-stage aerospace system
Balakin V.L., Bebyakov A.A., Kotchyan A.G.
Control over the deployment of an orbital tether system of great length
Wang C., Zabolotnov Y.M.
Promising technologies for solving boundary problems regarding the delivery of separating parts of carrier rockets with terminal targeting
Benevolsky S.V., Goncharenko V.I.
Up-to-date laser measuring systems in the production cycle of space technique
Grishanov V.N., Oynonen A.A.
Optimization of space vehicle combined orbital plane change maneuver on the basis of pontryagin’s maximum principle
Khramov A.A.
Possibility of using leo satellite communication systems for on-line data interchange
Davydov D.D.
Motion control system of multicopter
Sitnikov D.V., Burian Y.A., Russkih G.S.
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