Resonant converter with PWM output voltage adjustment

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A resonant voltage converter and ways of pulse width (PWM) adjustment of its output voltage are proposed in the paper. The converter has a deep (up to 90%) control range with high linearity, a high efficiency factor in the entire range of adjustment, small (1.5 ... 2 times) overload of reactive elements, weak dependence of the output voltage on the load, a low (up to 3%) level of harmonics and switching keys at zero current. The converter can be used as an efficient power supply adjustable over a wide range or a generator of harmonic oscillations with amplitude modulation on the input with an efficiency factor of over 70%. Theoretical aspects of the operation of the resonant converter are discussed and the functions of each element of the converter circuit are described in detail. The possibility of PWM control of the circuit output voltage is confirmed. Mathematical modeling is carried out using the example of highly efficient power supply and a secondary source of harmonic oscillations with low harmonics and high output power. Practical implementation of the converter circuit, operating according to the method of pulses with and without centering is analyzed. Recommendations on the optimum use of the scheme and methods considered as a complete unit are given.

About the authors

D. A. Vorokh

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

postgraduate student

Russian Federation

A. I. Makhov

Samara National Research University


Candidate of Science (Engineering)
Senior Researcher

Russian Federation


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