Check and prediction of gas-turbine engine’s technical state


The problem of check and prediction of a gas-turbine engine’s technical state is presented in verbal and mathematical statements in the paper. The mathematical statement of the problem is presented as a ternary system. This system consists of three components: initial data for solving the problem; a set of conditions and restrictions to be accomplished in the process of solving the problem; the required result to be obtained by solving the problem. The initial data for solving the problem consist of a set of propulsion unit parameters and environment parameters registered at different time moments as well as sets of expert reports on the technical state of gas-turbine engines. Among the limitations imposed when solving the problem we can name a fixed list of the registered parameters of the power plant as well as the absence of the possibility of purposefully extending the base of empirical data. The required result to be obtained by solving the problem includes: a model for determining check, diagnostic and prognostic parameters; the function of calculating the criteria of the technical state; the function of extrapolating the above-mentioned criteria; a set of control, diagnostic and prognostic criteria. Each component is described in the paper using the semantics of sets and multisets.

About the authors

N. A. Zotin

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Postgraduate student, Aircraft Maintenance Department

Russian Federation


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