The effect of heat recovery on the optimal values of helicopter turboshaft engine parameters
Omar H.H., Kuz'michev V.S., Zagrebelnyi A.O., Grigoriev V.A.
Improving the efficiency of aviation turbofan engines by using an intercooler and a recuperative heat exchanger
Omar H., Kuz'michev V.S., Tkachenko A.Y.
The analysis of real thermodynamic cycle of bypass engine with mixing
Medvedev V.V.
Heat exchange parameters of units and pipelines of the aircraft hydraulic system
Nikolayev V.N.
Optimization of thermomechanical parameters of high speed forging of titanium alloys
Khaimovich A.I., Mikheyev V.A.
Formation of a method of choosing rational values of ultralow power turbine parameters in a turbine drive system
Kalabuhov D.S., Grigoryev V.A., Rad’ko V.M.
Peculiarities of laser welding of thin parts of aerospace equipment
Smelov V.G., Sotov A.V., L’vov M.V.
Technology of computational analysis of the working process parameters of low-thrust rocket engines running on gaseous oxygen-hydrogen fuel with the use of ANSYS CFD
Ryzhkov V.V., Morozov I.I.
Research and optimization of parameters of a system controlling the process of tube inside surface coating
Skvortsov B.V., Zaretskaya M.I., Kurylyova P.A.
Protocols of stitching image strips formed by optoelectronic converters and their application
Kuznetsov P.K., Martem’ianov B.V., Miatov G.N., Yudakov A.A.
Investigation of energy parameters of small-thrust liquid rocket engines with the geometric expansion ratio of the nozzle F=200
Ageenko Y.I., Nigodyuk V.E., Ryzhkov V.V., Sulinov A.V., Shustov S.A.
Limit values of the Brayton cycle with the use of reduced fuel characteristics
Mikheenkov E.L., Nekrasova S.O.
Check and prediction of gas-turbine engine’s technical state
Zotin N.A.
Multichannel television method of object geometrical parameter remote measurement
Zhiganov I.Y.
Problems of ultralow power turbine design in a turbine drive system
Kalabuhov D.S., Grigoryev V.A., Rad’ko V.M.
Refining methods of vibration diagnostics of wear of turbo-prop engine differential speed reduction unit gear teeth
Avramenko A.A., Kryuchkov A.N., Plotnikov S.M., Sundukov E.V., Sundukov A.E.
Design of sheet and strip rolling modes for drawing articles with minimal earing
Grechnikov F.V., Erisov Y.A., Aryshensky E.V.
Analysis of technological parameters of production (methodological aspect)
Sosnina T.N.
Research of gas turbine engine operation in dust-filled atmosphere
Abdullin B.R., Akmaletdinov R.G., Goumerov K.S., Nigmatullin R.R.
Some results of analysing theoretical cutting models
Vinokurov M.V., Druzhin A.N.
Assessing reduction gear mass in the problem of optimizing parameters of the working process of a turboprop engine at the initial design stage
Grigoryev V.A., Zagrebelnyi A.O., Prokaev A.S., Kuznetsov S.P.
Crystal lattice identification on the basis of assessing unit cell parameters
Kirsh D.V.
Research of the influence of the diamond burnishing process parameters on the surface roughness of a steel 15CR12NI2MOVWANB-S workpiece when using an indenter made of natural diamond
Shvetsov A.N., Skuratov D.L.
Correlation and regression model for the assessment of circular non-uniformity of the gas temperature field at the outlet of small gas turbine engine combustion chambers
Lukachev S.V., Abrashkin V.Y., Lansky A.M., Matveev S.G.
Results of experimental studies of parameters of low-thrust rocket engines operating on gaseous oxygen-hydrogen fuel
Ageenko Y.I., Lapshin E.A., Morozov I.I., Pegin I.V., Ryzhkov V.V.
Development of the criteria of analyzing the stress-strain state of gas turbine engine parts in the elastoplastic range
Bukaty A.S., Bukaty S.A.
Method of preliminary solution of the problem of space robot navigation by onboard astronomical measurements using the butterworth filter
Ananenko V.M., Golyakov A.D., Kalabin P.V.
Procedure of accomodation of earth remote sansing satellite external devices with regard for the satellite target operation
Akhmetov R.N., Shilov L.B., Kurenkov V.I., Yakischik A.A.
Vortical gaz-wind-energy plant
Biryuk V.V., Zubrilin I.A., Krasnorutskiy A.S.
Estimate of key parameters of a gas turbine engines with application of the modelling procedure of the equilibrium state of homogeneous mixture of hydrocarbon fuel combustion products
Boldyrev O.I., Gorynov I.M.
Optimizing the process of changing spacecraft orbital parameters by using a spinning electrodynamic tether sytem
Lu H., Wang C., Zabolotnov Y.M.
Procedure of coordinating interaction between a bank and a small enterprise
Bogatyryov V.D., Bondarchuk K.L.
Diagnostics of constructions' materials in the early stages of fatigue failure and estimation of the stress-strain condition of constructions’ material by methods of non-destructive testing
Mishakin V.V., Danilova N.V., Kurashkin K.V., Klyushnikov V.A., Gonchar A.V.
Spacecraft preset orbital parameters control by means of thrusters
Salmin V.V., Volotsuev V.V., Shikhanov S.V.
Analytical determination of motion parameters of the center of mass of an uncooperative orbiter on the basis of measurement information provided by on-board systems of a space robot in a coplanar orbit
Ananenko V.M., Golyakov A.D., Kalabin P.V.
Choice of design characteristics of «garbage collector» spacecraft with a low-thrust electrojet engine
Ishkov S.A., Filippov G.A.
Identification of a gas turbine engine mathematical model by the ressults of testing
Botchkaryov S.K., Dmitriyev A.Y.
Nondestructive quality control of mechanical-rubber goods vulcanization
Astapov V., Misiyevitch S.K.
Calculation of sleeve-shaped filter elements made of the MR material
Zhizhkin A.M., Lazutkin G.V., Volkova T.V.
Development of the technology of diagnostics of turbo-jet aviation engines by a filtering element with a diagnostic layer
Drokov V.V., Drokov V.G., Muryshenko V.V., Mukhutdinov F.I., Khaliullin V.F.
Heat engine cycle limitations imposed by fuel properties
Mikheyenkov E.L.
Development of methods of carrying out experimental research of measurement errors for sets of geometrical parameters on NC equipment as in the case of a turbine disk
Bolotov M.A., Alexeev V.P., Pronichev N.D.
Choice of design parameters of universal platforms of small space vehicles
Volotsuev V.V., Tkachenko I.S., Safronov S.L.
Thin coating for printed circuit boards in industrial production technology of modern equipment
Erendeev J.P.
Influence of the initial design data uncertainty on the choice of optimal working process parameters of gas turbine engine
Kuzmichev V.S., Tkachenko A.Y., Rybakov V.N., Krupenich I.N., Kulagin V.V.
Study of uncertainty of measuring geometrical parameters of gas turbine engine compressor blade profiles
Pechenin V.A., Bolotov M.V., Ruzanov N.V., Yanyukina M.V.
Study of processes production scheduling in multiproduct manufactures
Larin S.N., Timirzyanov V.V.
Problem formulation of bypass engine parameters optimization with a preselected gas generator
Kuzmichev V.S., Kulagin V.V., Tkachenko A.Y., Krupenich I.N., Rybakov V.N.
Simulation of thermal field of fluid flow in the presence of parametric disturbances
1 1.
Procedure of comparative assessment of the efficiency of Earth remote sensing satellites with different optoelectronic telescopic complexes
Stratilatova N.N., Kurenkov V.I., Kucherov A.S., Egorov A.S.
Gas turbine engine designing on the basis of a unified gas generator
Rybakov V.N.
The community of the ideal and complex cycles of the gas-turbine installations
Ivanov V.A.
Metodological basis of the development of a problem-oriented system for selecting design parameters of space vehicles
Stratilatov N.R., Kurenkov V.I., Kucherov A.S., Yakishik A.A.
Optimization features of the working process parameters of bypass engine on the basis of given gas generator
Rybakov V.N.
Creation of the database for electrochemical processing with the purpose of optimization of process of the choice of electrolit
Smelov V.G., Shitarev I.L., Smirnov G.V.
Choosing the mixing pattern for oxygen-hydrogen low-thrust rocket engines
Ryzhkov V.V., Morozov I.I.
Optoelectronic device for the control of hydrocarbon fuel cavitation treatment
1 1.
Determination of relative position and orientation of nanosatellites by video image analysis
Simakov S.P., Ustyugov E.V.
Improving the efficiency of gas turbines by regenerating heat
Kulagin V.V., Sokolov M.A.
Ways 3D parametrization TJ blades for use CAD/CAM/CAE packages
Smelov V.G., Shitarev I.L.
Method for determination of optimal geometrical parameters of a unit cell of X-shaped truss cores
Mousavi Safavi S.M.
Schemes, parameters, work process, characteristics and structure of long-range interception aircraft engines
Kovalev A.V., Sanin V.N., Krivenok A.G., Korolenko V.V.
Determining the interrelation between detonation characteristics indicators and electrodynamic parameters of hydrocarbon fuels on the basis of statistical modelling of componental structure
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Efficiency of using electric propulsion engines for the task of keeping in a near-circular orbit
Ishkov S.A.
Selection of optimal configuration and workflow parameters of autonomous micro gas turbine plant
Baturin O.V., Smirnova Y.D.
Structural model of individual forecasting of space radioelectronic equipment parameters
Tyulevin S.V., Piganov M.N.
Single-coil eddy-current transducers for measuring mechanical parameters
Borovik S.Y., Sekisov Y.N.
Mathematical model of surface layer formation during hydroabrasive jet machining
Meshcheryakov A.V., Shulepov A.P.
The influence of grain orientation and structure parameters on the limiting formability of skin sheets during stretch-wrap forming
Aryshensky V.Y., Grechnikova A.F., Yerisov Y.A.
Peculiarities of computer modeling of the working process in small gas turbine engines
Kuz'michev V.S., Tkachenko A.Y., Ostapyuk Y.A.
Forecasting technique of semiconductor diodes quality indicators
Kozlova I.N., Tyulevin S.V., Tokareva A.V.
Bases of methodology of maintenance of system safe operation of engines at all stages of life cycle
Grigoriev V.A., Kuznetsov S.P.
Calculation of parameters of the Deal–Grove model for the oxidation of silicon
Aizikovich A.A., Demakov Y.P.
Design procedure of fundamental parameters of the direct-flow detonation pulsing engine
Porshnev V.A.
Choice of parameters of an engineering production preparation system
Bypass as an attribute of unmanned spacecraft operability in anomalous flight situations
Akhmetov R.N., Makarov V.P., Sollogub A.V.
Vortex gas wind-driven power plant for supplying compressor stations with electrical energy
Biryuk V.V., Zubrilin I.A., Krasnorutskiy A.S.
Dynamic analysis and optimization of turbojet engine nozzle control mechanism
Planning a factorial experiment for testing a single-stage ultralow power turbine
Grigoryev V.A., Radko V.M., Kalabukhov D.S.
Test verification of flow stabilizer calculated parameters provided flow stabilization of propellant in wide range of input parameters
Beshenev Y.A., Volkov A.V., Kazankin F.A.
Automated system for measuring geometric parameters of turbine blades in production conditions
Aleksentsev E.I., Shavrin P.A., Fedoseev O.B.
Parameter measurement quality control in automated testing of series gas turbine engines
Botchkaryov S.K.
Preliminary study of principles of effective efficiency change of turboshaft engines of various schemes with heat recovery and intermediate cooling of working medium
Sokolov M.A., Kuzmichev V.S., Kulagin V.V., Krupenich I.N., Tkachenko A.Y.
Multi-purpose high-precision thermal vacuum testing bench and someresults of firing tests of non-hypergolic low-thrust rocket engines
Ryzhkov V.V., Verjasov Y.N., Galperin R.N., Gulyaev Y.I., Ivashin Y.S.
Mathematical modelling and parametric research of flow of the twisted turbulent single-component stream of the propulsive mass in the trance- and supersonic areas of Laval nozzles
1 1., 1 1.
Experimental investigation of the efficiency of laserelectronic systems for aircraft surface remote sounding
Sazonnikova N.A.
Investigation of laser beam influence on aircrafts surface condition estimation efficiency
Sazonnikova N.A.
Dependence between microscopic characteristics of the material MR and parameters of press forming
1 1., 1 1.
Motion of an upper stage rocket with a toroidal tank around the mass center in parameters of Cayley-Klein
Alekseev A.V., Krasnikov V.S.
The detecting improvement by laser surface sounding
1 1.
Quality forecasting solder joint electronic components
Shumskikh I.Y.
Diagnostics of state gas-fluid of flows in the field of cross vibration
Limanova N.I., Levkin U.S.
The determination of the efficient parameters of surface strenghtening the thin-walled and the small-hard parts of gas turbine engines based on deformation tolerance
1 1., 1 1.
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