Design of sheet and strip rolling modes for drawing articles with minimal earing


The paper presents the research of crystallographic orientation formation during the rolling of sheets from aluminum alloy 8011A and the influence of such orientations on anisotropy and earing. The main orientations in this alloy are the cubic {001}<100>, nearcubic {210}<001> textures, the rolling {112}<111> and S-{123}<634> textures and the orientation {011}<112>. The paper shows that changes in the rolling and heat treatment modes lead to different combinations of the mentioned grain orientations and consequently to variant anisotropic properties. The new technological parameters of 8011A sheet production have been developed to eliminate earing during drawing.

About the authors

F. V. Grechnikov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Corresponding Member of RAS

Doctor of Technical Sciences


Head of the Metal Forming Department

Russian Federation

Ya. A. Erisov

Samara State Aerospace University


Post-graduate Student

Engineer of the Metal Forming Department

Russian Federation

E. V. Aryshensky

Samara State Aerospace University


Candidate of Technical Sciences

Assistant of the Metal Forming Department

Russian Federation


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