Automated system for measuring geometric parameters of turbine blades in production conditions


The problem of developing the automated system for measuring the geometry of blades for gas turbine engines (GTE) in production conditions is considered. The starting point of the study was the technological continuity requirement being implemented equipment. In the theoretical analysis, supported by the results of simulation and experimental studies the best configuration of automated systems is justified in the context of the main problem - upgrading the POMKL by replacing the optical-mechanical system with high-speed measurement system with differential sensors, integrated into real-time computing environment. The paper presents efficient control and identification algorithms for differential sensors that form the basis of multi-channel high-speed measuring system, the curvature correction algorithms and analytical description of the blades, description of hardware and software to support computing in real time. In this case the expected rate "performance/price" may reach 150-500 units per hour/1000 $ for non-comparable with optical systems, reliability and simplicity of equipment.

About the authors

E. I. Aleksentsev

Samara State Aerospace University named after academician S.P. Korolev (National Research University)

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Technical Sciences
main scientific researcher

Russian Federation

P. A. Shavrin

Togliatti State University


Candidate of Technical Sciences
head of laboratory “Mechatronics and Automatics”

Russian Federation

O. B. Fedoseev

Togliatti State University


Doctor of technical sciences, Professor

Russian Federation




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