Optimization of thermomechanical parameters of high speed forging of titanium alloys


The solved problem deals with the definition of forging thermomechanical parameters of titanium alloys in conditions of pulse loading. The solution is based on the mathematical model, which generalizes the results of experiments on high-speed upsetting of titanium samples.

About the authors

A. I. Khaimovich

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.
Email: kovalek68@mail.ru

Сandidate of Technical Science

Associate Professor of the Department of Aircraft Engine Production

Russian Federation

V. A. Mikheyev

Samara State Aerospace University

Email: vamicheev@rambler.ru

Doctor of Technical Science


Department of Plastic Working of Metals

Russian Federation


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  2. Nurieva, S. K. Formation of fine-grained structure in titanium alloys with hot deformation in conditions of one- and two-component loading [Text]: avtoref. … on a rank cand. tech. sci. / Nurieva S. K.,



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