Effect of non-uniform compressor flow parameters on the characteristics of a gas turbine engine combustion chamber
Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Zubrilin I.A., Matveev S.S., Tsybizov Y.I.
Evaluation of internal combustion engine cycle work using an ionic current sensor
Ivashin P.V., Ramazanov M.P., Tverdokhlebov A.Y., Shaikin A.P., Yasnikov I.S.
Results of primary operation of NK-37 engine low emission combustion system
Bantikov D.Y., Yeliseev Y.S., Lavrov V.N., Pchelyakov A.A., Fedorchenko D.G., Tsybizov Y.I.
Influence of the turbine ignition, flame tube suspension and nozzles on the combustion chamber characteristics
Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Zubrilin I.A.
Applying the possibilities of Microsoft Excel for solving problems of fuel burning thermodynamics
Mikheenkov E.L., Nekrasova S.O., Ramzaeva E.A.
Determination of thermal state and modification of the flame tube cooling system with the help of three-dimensional modeling methods
Matveev S.G., Anisimov V.M., Zubrilin I.A., Kolomzarov O.V., Mironov N.S.
Multisprayer low-emission combustion chamber of modern turbojet engines – N. D. Kuznetsov’s creative heritage
Bantikov D.Y., Vasilyev V.I., Lavrov V.N., Tsibisov Y.I., Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Zubrilin I.A.
Experience of operational development of starting characteristics of the APU combustion chamber
Chechulin A.Y.
Technology of low-emission fuel combustion and conceptual structure of the combustion chamber of a gas-turbine power plant
Tsybizov Y.I., Tyulkin D.D., Vorotyntsev I.E.
Statistical physics and cycles of operation of heat engines
Mikheenkov E.L.
Common properties of hydrocarbon combustion products and Brayton cycle
Mikheenkov E.L.
Formation of carcinogenic PAHs (polyaromatic hydrocarbons) in the turbulent diffusive flame
Matveev S.G., Chechet I.V., Orlov M.Y., Semenov A.V.
Development of an algorithm of design calculation of a combustion chamber for microturbine electric power plants
Matveev S.G., Abrashkin V.Y., Orlov M.Y., Lansky A.M., Makarov N.S., Matveev S.S., Anisimov M.Y.
Using the energy of gas differential pressure in electromagnetic injectors for improved breathing of spark-ignition internal combustion engine cylinders
Shishkov V.A.
Increasing the overall performance of a two-stroke engine with spark ignition by fuel injection
Dovgyallo A.I., Krasheninnikov S.V., Shchepetov D.A.
The influence of swirling of a flow with axial countercurrent on the process of burning of hydrogenoxygen mix in the stream of water steam
Guryanov A.I., Vereshchagin I.M.
Theory of gas turbine engine optimal gas generator
Grigoriev A.V., Kosmatov A.A., Rudakov О.A., Solovieva A.V.
Development of blend composition of aviation kerosene surrogate for the simulation of workflow of gas turbine engine combustion chamber
Matveev S.G.
Flame propagation velocity and ionization in burning gasoline and methane with addition of hydrogen
Shaykin A.P., Ivashin P.V., Galiev I.R.
Application of additive technology of selective laser melting (SLM) in designing a low emission combustion chamber of a gas turbine plant
Yeliseev Y.S., Fedorchenko D.G., Golanov S.P., Tsibisov Y.I., Tyulkin D.D., Vorotyntsev I.E., Ivchenko A.V.
Approaches to the evaluation of fuels for hypersonic engines
Sergeev S.M., Petrukhin N.V.
Numerical investigation multifuel combustion gas turbine combustion chamber module
Malygina M.V.
Energy sources in heat engine cycles
Mikheyenkov E.L.
Algorithm of adaptation of an electronic control system of internal combustion engines to various chemical compositions of gas fuel
Shishkov V.A.
Indirect determination of the presence of vibration combustion in combustion chambers of turbine engines by a three-channel sensor for measuring movement
Limanova N.I., Yudin P.Y., Limanov I.A.
Method of reduced fuel characteristics and parameters of the operating cycles of heat engines
Anastaseev V.V., Belozertsev S.V., Mikheenkov E.L., Nekrasova S.O.
Peculiarities of gas temperature field formation at the exit of small-sized gas turbine engine combustion chambers
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Development of a generalized model of heat-mass transfer between fuel drops and gas stream with reference to gas turbine engine combustion chambers
Tretyakov V.V., Sviridenkov A.A.
Investigation of transformation of intermediate products of liquid-phase interaction propellant at the onset of combustion for rocket engine
Nigodjuk V.E., Sulinov A.V.
Simulation of drop coagulations in swirled time dependent streams with reference to gas turbine engine combustion chambers
Sviridenkov A.A., Tretyakov V.V.
Interconnection of propagation velocity and electrical conductivity of flame in ICEs
Ivashin P.V., Ramazanov M.P., Tverdokhlebov A.Y., Shaikin A.P., Yasnikov I.S.
Peculiarities of application of biofuel mixture in combustion chambers of modern gas turbine engines
Vasilyev A.J., Medvedev R.S., Chelebyan O.G.
Research of toxic substances emission during water injection into a combustion chamber
Mingazov B.G., Mukhametgaliev T.H.
The influence of engineering changes on NOx emission in a gas-turbine endine combustion chamber
Mingazov B.G., Baklanov A.V.
Experience in the development of 11Д58MФ liquid rocket engines
Smolentsev A.A.
Development of pneumatic- type starting nozzles for a full-scale low emission combustion chamber
Vasilyev A.J., Blumkin P.I., Chelebyan O.G.
Conditions of compatibility of compressor and turbine used as part of a gas generator required to ensure turbine operability
Grigoriev A.V., Ilyushin M.Y., Mitrofanov V.A., Rassokhin V.A., Rudakov O.A., Solovieva A.V.
Homogeneous burners of two-staged combustion chambers
Grechishnikov O.V., Ostapets I.I., Roslyakov A.D., Tsybizov Y.I.
Emission characteristics and temperature non-uniformity at the outlet of the gas turbine engine combustion chamber
Sabirzyanov A.N., Yavkin V.B., Alexandrov Y.B., Markushin A.N., Baklanov A.V.
Using the phenomenon of electrical conduction of flame of non-homogeneous air-fuel mixture in design and development of combustion chamber
Shajkin A.P., Ivashin P.V., Galiev I.R., Derjachev A.D., Tverdohljobov A.J.
Analyzing the quality of preparing fuel-air mixture and its influence on NOx in a low emission gas turbine engine combustion chamber
Markushin A.N., Baklanov A.V.
ASMTurbC method of autonomous statistical modeling of diffusion turbulent combustion and the results of its testing
Nuzhnov Y.V.
3d calculation of a multiport low-emission combustor cooling system
Moreva I.S., Vasilyuk D.K., Kirichenko R.Y.
Test benches for researching the processes and operational development of low emission gas turbine engine combustion chambers
Markushin A.N., Baklanov A.V.
The influence of burner design on the characteristics of the combustion chamber with gaseous fuels
Markushin A.N., Baklanov A.V., Tsyganov N.E.
Mathematical model for calculating radial non-uniformity of the gas temperature field at the exit of small gas turbine engine combustion chambers
Lukachev S.V., Abrashkin V.Y., Lansky A.M., Matveev S.G.
Correlation and regression model for the assessment of circular non-uniformity of the gas temperature field at the outlet of small gas turbine engine combustion chambers
Lukachev S.V., Abrashkin V.Y., Lansky A.M., Matveev S.G.
Strength analysis of internal combustion engine elements by using ANSYS with taking into account heat processes in the combustion chamber
Biryuk V.V., Gorshkalev A.A., Kayukov S.S., Saigakov E.A.
Quasi one-dimensional model and calculation of processes in gas turbineengine combustion chambers given the heterogeneity of the combustible mixture, changes in mass, composition, temperature and stirring efficiency of the working body
Didenko A.A., Sokolov A.B.
Formation of microvortex gas flows in channels of a block catalyst with coplanar channels
Knysh Y.A., Tsibizov Y.I., Dmitriev D.N., Gorshkalev A.A.
Thermal state of combustor can elements
Grechishnikov O.V., Ostapets I.I., Roslyakov A.D., Tsybizov Y.I.
Cycle parameters of an internal combustion spark-ignition gas piston engine with an electronic control system
Shishkov V.A.
Combustion of polymers in the electrostatic field
Reshetnikov S.M., Pozolotin A.P., Zyryanov I.A.
Numerical simulation of gas temperature spatial distribution in a one-burner sector of a gas turbine combustor with uncertain initial conditions of fuel atomization
Kostyuk V.Y., Kirilash Y.I., Stasyuk A.V., Shein V.V., Karzov D.V.
Formation in the channels of the block catalyst the micro vortex gas flows with intense twist
Knysh Y.A., Zibizov Y.I., Dmitriev D.N., Gorshkalev A.A.
Modeling of intrachamber processes in an oxygen-hydrogen thruster
Vaulin S.D., Salich V.L.
Hanges in volume combustion and concentration of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases gasoline engine
Kolomiets P.V.
Fluctuations of pressure in rail gas injection of engines with spark ignition
Shishkov V.A.
Chemical gas sources
Novikov A.A., Ershikhin N.A.
The limits ofdistributionin aflamealuminum-air mixture
Tizilov A.S., Egorov A.G.
Fuel spraying and mixing in a simulated combustion chamber in the presence of air flow precession
Sviridenkov A.A., Tretyakov V.V.
Progressive thermodynamic cycle of internal combustion engine based on сrank a rod the mechanism with dual kinematic communications
Grabovskiy A.A.
Experimental research of wall boundary flow formation in the combustion chamber of a small gas generator with self-igniting fuel components
Shustov S.A.
Influence of the burner form on the combustion chamber outlet temperature field ripple for different modes of operation of gas turbine engines
Markushin A.N., Baklanov A.V.
Guaranteeing of ecological and economic indicators of internal combustion engine
Grabovskiy A.A., Mironov V.A.
Experimental and numerical investigation of the combustion process in vortex gas burner
Yevdokimov O.A.
Investigation of the gas turbine engine combustion chamber workflow
Markushin A.N., Baklanov A.V.
Some results of experimental refining of a constant volume valve combustion chamber
Bogdanov V.I., Kuznetsov S.P.
Identification and procedure of reducing periodic noise of internal combustion car engines using the active compensation method
Vasilyev A.V., Andreyev S.S., Butsayev I.V., Pimkin V.V.
Numerical simulation of gas temperature spatial distribution in a full-size gas turbine combustor and its one-burner sector
Kostyuk V.Y., Kirilash Y.I., Stasyuk A.V., Shein V.V., Karzov D.V.
Model of varigrained particle stream moving by hypersonic combustion materials investigation
Bulanova E.A., Pervishin A.N.
Experimental study of free-convection flame propagation
Yevdokimov O.A., Guryanov A.I.
Problems and solutions of using computer technologies in designing of combustion chambers GTE
Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Zubrilin I.A.
Characteristics of a fuel spray downstream the pressure atomizers under high pressure in the combustion chamber
Sviridenkov A.A., Tretyakov V.V.
Approximate correlative-spectral analysis of temperature patterns of combustion chambers
Prokhorov S.A., Ilinsky S.A., Aleksandrova T.G., Solovyova Y.V.
Method of transient simulation of combustion processes in a low-thrust rocket engine operating on gaseous hydrogen and oxygen
Zubanov V.M., Shabliy L.S., Stepanov D.V.
Analysis of nonstationary thermal state of a low-thrust liquid rocket engine taking into account injection, evaporation and combustion of liquid fuel droplets
Vorobiev A.G., Borovik I.N., Ha S.
Theoretical and experimental studies of a gas stamping device with a piston pressure multiplier
Botashev A.Y., Bayramukov R.A.
New technologies implemented in the design of a low-emission combustion chamber of a gas-turbine unit
Fedorchenko D.G., Tsybizov Y.I., Tyulkin D.D., Vorotyntsev I.E., Zherelov D.A., Dulov A.S., Smelov V.G., Sotov A.V., Agapovichev A.V.
On plasma support of fuel burning in a combustion chamber of a gas-turbine facility
Bulaeva M.N., Kravchenko I.V., Riaby V.A., Tkachenko D.P.
Comparative analysis of fuel distribution downstream of the gas-dynamic flame holder with various methods of injection
Tretyakov V.V., Sviridenkov A.A.
Interaction of exhaust jets of rocker propulsions on various propellants with atmosphere for estimation of ecological safety of firing of rockets and launchers
Zavelevich F.S., Ushakov N.N.
Experimental research on the development of an “oxygen (gas) + kerosene” – fueled thruster
Salich V.L.
Defining the specific impulse of mixed solid propellants
1 1., 1 1.
Technical solutions of NOx decrease in traditional combustion chamber of GTE NK-16ST
Markushin A.N., Merkushin V.K., Byshin V.M., Baklanov A.V.
Mathematical model and peculiarities of operating mobile robots with hybrid drives
Ilyukhin Y.V., Tatarintseva A.V.
Choosing the mixing pattern for oxygen-hydrogen low-thrust rocket engines
Ryzhkov V.V., Morozov I.I.
Modeling of the heat exchange processes
Limanova N.I., Mamzin E.A., Matveev S.G.
Combustion of condensed substance in the electrostatic field
Zyryanov I.A., Pozolotin A.P.
Determining the angle of advance of ignition when switching from petrol to gas depending on fuel mixture burning rate
Shishkov V.A.
Development of a new collector device for gas turbine engine afterburner
Teslya D.N., Mayatsky S.A., Grasko T.V.
Compulsory ignition of fuel-air mixture in small-sized gas turbine engine combustion chambers
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Formulas of reducing engine environmental performance and combustion characteristics to standard atmospheric conditions
Grigoriev A.V., Kosmatov A.A., Rudakov O.A., Solovieva A.V.
Unstady heat-mass-transfer and fuel distributions in flows downstream the gas-dynamic flame holder
Tretyakov V.V., Sviridenkov A.A.
Pressure-gain combustion and its potential for gas turbine engine enhancement
Lutoschkin E.V., Rose M.G., Staudacher S.
Experimental investigations of fluid atomization by model frontal devices of combustion chambers
Vasilyev A.Y., Sviridenkov A.A., Tretyakov V.V.
Manipulate pulsed detonation engine
1 1., 1 1.
Physical workflow model in the combustion chamber LREST with a jet-centrifugal jets on hypergolic propellants
Silyutin M.V., Shustov S.A.
Construction of detailed kinetic mechanisms of forming for five ring PAH and their reduction for use in modern CAE systems
Matveev S.G., Chechet I.V.
Research of flame distribution speed, width of the zone and intensity of chemical reactions of combustion in the spark-ignition engine
Bobrovskiy I.N., Shaykin A.P., Brizgalov A.A., Sukhov S.A.
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