Investigation of the gas turbine engine combustion chamber workflow


The article describes methods of investigation of the processes inside the combustion chamber of the gas turbine engine. The investigation is aimed at revealing changes in the combustion chamber workflow depending on the changes in the operating conditions of the gas turbine engine. Such investigations allow us to find design flaws and analyze possibilities of removing them. The main advantage of these investigations is that all experiments have been conducted in full scale. The article also presents a principal scheme of the test facility on which an engine was tested. The parameters being measured and methods of conducting measurements in the combustion chamber are presented. The conclusion is made that the implementation of measures described in the article makes it possible to analyze the intrachamber processes with the aim of developing it or testing various methods of providing its durability.

About the authors

A. N. Markushin

Joint-Stock Company «Kazan Motor Production Association»

Author for correspondence.

Chief Designer

Russian Federation

A. V. Baklanov

Joint-Stock Company «Kazan Motor Production Association»


leading design engineer

Russian Federation


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