Peculiarities of application of biofuel mixture in combustion chambers of modern gas turbine engines


An experimental study of combustion processes occurring during the combustion of both standard aviation fuel and alternative fuels (biofuels) is carried out. The range of steady-state combustion in the compartment of a chamber working on fossil fuel as well as on biofuel and ethanol is investigated. As a result, the scheme has shown its combustion efficiency, and the results have provided the necessary conditions for the solution of practical engineering problems.

About the authors

A. J. Vasilyev

CIAM, Moscow

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Candidate of Sciences (Engineering)

Head of Sector

R. S. Medvedev

CIAM, Moscow


Russian Federation

Engineer, Head of the CIAM Complex Experimental Test Bed

O. G. Chelebyan

CIAM, Moscow


Russian Federation

Junior Researcher


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