Analysis of nonstationary thermal state of a low-thrust liquid rocket engine taking into account injection, evaporation and combustion of liquid fuel droplets


The physico-chemical state of reaction products in the combustion chamber of a liquid rocket engine of 500N thrust with account for the evaporation of liquid fuel droplets (highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide (96%) - and kerosene) and their combustion is discussed and analyzed in the paper on the basis of numerical methods. The software system “ANSYS Fluent” which is a universal program for the solution of thermohydraulic problems is used for the purpose.

About the authors

A. G. Vorobiev

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Engineering), Associate Professor 

Russian Federation

I. N. Borovik

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)


Candidate of Science (Engineering), Associate Professor

Russian Federation

Song-Up Ha

KARI - Korea Aerospace Research Institute


Senior Research Engineer

Advanced Rocket Research Team

Korea, Republic of


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  4. [Fluent Documentation]



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