Experience in the development of 11Д58MФ liquid rocket engines


The article presents an analysis of the design work carried out in the design of liquid rocket engine (LRE) 11Д58MФ developed by JSC "RSC" Energy "for the upper stage (RB) ДМ. The developed liquid fuel rocket engine has a number of features that require innovative approaches to its design. The structure of the engine including experienced combustion chamber, the control system with functions for diagnostics and emergency protection, power supply of oxidizer and fuel tank with elements of devices that provide a guaranteed intake of propellants during his multiple inclusions, blocks thrusters operating on gaseous oxygen and providing impetus prelaunch booster and orientation in flight.The cooling chamber is performed without the use of liquid oxygen internal cooling is performed with a nozzle chamber with uncooled high expansion rationozzle. Workflow efficiency in the combustion chamber is provided by a slit mixing head, which uses the circuit components of mixed fuel: jet fuel into razing oxidant stream.Basic design and engineering solutions for combustion chamber: the use of a slit mixer-term head of the engine, performing geometry of cooling path with variable height, thickness and angle of the ribs to the axis of the chamber, the technology of manufacturing, assembly and soldering the mixing head and combustion chamber have been experimental testing. The LRE-linen design process was defined the composition ofpneumohydroautomaticequipment, small draft engines block, autonomous system universal and can be used in the development of similar engines.

About the authors

A. A. Smolentsev

JSC RSC Energia, Korolyov

Author for correspondence.
Email: alexander.smolentsev@rsce.ru

Russian Federation

General Designer for propulsion and power systems, Head of STC


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