Experimental research of wall boundary flow formation in the combustion chamber of a small gas generator with self-igniting fuel components
Shustov S.A.
Programme realization of mathematical operations of flow multiplexing and demultiplexing for network models
Bakhareva N.F.
Experimental research of the possibility of heat transfer enhancement in gas dynamic energy separation process
Popovich S.S., Vinogradov Y.A., Strongin M.M.
Conditions of compatibility of compressor and turbine used as part of a gas generator required to ensure turbine operability
Grigoriev A.V., Ilyushin M.Y., Mitrofanov V.A., Rassokhin V.A., Rudakov O.A., Solovieva A.V.
Variations in free cross-sectional areas of the phases of double-phase flows under changes of gaseous phase rate of flow
Levkin Y.S.
Formation of microvortex gas flows in channels of a block catalyst with coplanar channels
Knysh Y.A., Tsibizov Y.I., Dmitriev D.N., Gorshkalev A.A.
Design of schemes of financial and material flows in enterprise supply chains
Astapov S.V., Bogatyrev V.D.
Lift of the airfoil with spoiler
Redkina K.V., Frolov V.A.
Investigation of 11D428А-22 thruster operation dynamics with bellows flow stabilizer
Beshenev Y.A., Volkov A.V., Kazankin F.A.
Formation in the channels of the block catalyst the micro vortex gas flows with intense twist
Knysh Y.A., Zibizov Y.I., Dmitriev D.N., Gorshkalev A.A.
Drag function for the striking element arrow-class on subsonic velocity
Ganziy Y.V., Salakhov M.M., Mitiukov N.W., Busygina E.L.
Analysis of the thermal state of aircraft engine supports
Vinogradov A.S., Badykov R.R., Fedorchenko D.G.
Approaches to the evaluation of fuels for hypersonic engines
Sergeev S.M., Petrukhin N.V.
Mixture modelling in a swirle flow in the ANSYS CFX program
Krasheninnikov S.V., Savchenko O.V.
Peculiarities of application of biofuel mixture in combustion chambers of modern gas turbine engines
Vasilyev A.J., Medvedev R.S., Chelebyan O.G.
Investigation of hydraulic and vibroacoustic characteristics of a prospective valve with an elastic tubular element used as the working body
Kryuchkov A.N., Romashov N.N., Ermilov M.A., Balyaba M.V.
Drag function for the striking element sphere-class on subsonic velocity
Romanenko I.V., Crawford K.R., Mitiukov N.W., Busygina E.L.
Development of methods of modeling and computer-aided design of compressors
Krivosheev I.A., Rozhkov K.E.
Results of numerical modeling of two-phase liquid / gas flow on the basis of a simplifield model of oil chamber
Lisitcin A.N., Badernikov A.V., Pechenik E.V.
Investigation of factors affecting the accuracy of the flow rate of liquid, oil and gas
Plesovskikh K.Y.
Mathematical modelling and parametric research of flow of the twisted turbulent single-component stream of the propulsive mass in the trance- and supersonic areas of Laval nozzles
1 1., 1 1.
Influence of the turbine ignition, flame tube suspension and nozzles on the combustion chamber characteristics
Matveev S.G., Orlov M.Y., Zubrilin I.A.
Homogeneous burners of two-staged combustion chambers
Grechishnikov O.V., Ostapets I.I., Roslyakov A.D., Tsybizov Y.I.
Determining the boundaries of ignition of aluminum particle aerosuspension in a high-velocity airflow
Egorov A.G., Tizilov A.S.
Thermal state of combustor can elements
Grechishnikov O.V., Ostapets I.I., Roslyakov A.D., Tsybizov Y.I.
Experimental research of the closed-type gas-dynamic mixer
Lepeshinsky I.A., Reshetnikov V.A., Zarankevich I.A., Istomin E.A., Antonovsky I.V., Guzenko A.A.
Thermal state of a groind-use gas turbine engine stator
Grechishnikov O.V., Balakin A.Y., Roslyakov A.D.
Method of calculation and analysis of gas flow aerodynamic indices in a vortex wind power plant
Biryuk V.V., Uglanov D.A., Gorshkalev A.A., Bolshov D.V., Krasnorutskiy A.S., Lapshina V.A., Chertykovtsev P.A.
Thermodynamic calculation of a thermomechanical compressor
Blagin E.V., Dovgyallo A.I., Uglanov D.A., Dostovalova S.S.
Analysis of schemes and methods of hydrodynamic cleaning of hydro-fuel system units
Sanchugov V.I., Reshetov V.M.
Stability of swirl flows with radial density gradient
Anchikov D.A., Gusev V.A., Zavershinskii I.P., Makaryan V.G., Sugak S.S.
Numerical simulation of gas temperature spatial distribution in a one-burner sector of a gas turbine combustor with uncertain initial conditions of fuel atomization
Kostyuk V.Y., Kirilash Y.I., Stasyuk A.V., Shein V.V., Karzov D.V.
Experimental investigation of a small-sized centrifugal compressor for a closed-brayton cycle gas turbine power system
Arbekov A.N., Novitskiy B.B.
Elimination of gas dynamic resonance modes of vibration loads of gas distribution station pipeline fitting
Shabanov K.U., Kryuchkov A.N., Ermilov M.A., Balyaba M.V.
Study of the mechanism of flame stabilization in aaluminum-air mixture
Egorov A.G., Tizilov A.S.
Analysis of temperature separation efficiency in vortex gas flows
Biryuk V.V., Kurnosov N.Y., Tarnopolsky A.V.
Application of the invariant plastic flow theory for mathematical modeling of the processes of testing specimens under complex elastic-plastic deformation
Temis Y.M., Alkhimov D.A., Martynova A.D.
The analysis of real thermodynamic cycle of bypass engine with mixing
Medvedev V.V.
Development of the active gas generator for high altitude firing test benches
Salich V.L.
Numerical study of the characteristics of a double-circuit vortex tube in a stationary and a nonstationary settings
Piralishvili S.A., Sokolova O.A.
Calculation of the electromagnetic field in homogeneous hull of on board equipment of space vehicle under influence of electrostatic discharges
Kostin A.V.
Experimental study of swirled gas flow by the particle image velocimetry method
Knysh Y.A., Redkin Y.S., Dmitriev D.N.
Calculation of flow characteristics of liquid fuel supplied through pressure jet atomizers of small-sized gas turbine engines
Gurakov N.I., Zubrilin I.A., Hernandez Morales M., Yakushkin D.V., Didenko A.A., Matveev S.G., Komisar Y.V.
Investigation of fluid flow in the gap between eccentric cylindrical and conical surfaces
Bondareva M.V., Korzhov E.N.
Vortex effect and intensification of heat and mass transfer in cell energy technology
Piralishvily S.A., Veretennikov S.V.
Suppression of gas-dynamic self-oscillations in the outflow line of a gas control valve
Balyaba M.V., Ermilov M.A., Kryuchkov A.N., Shabanov K.U.
Stabilization of a pilot-operated gas pressure control valve by placing a throttle at the inlet
Stadnik D.M., Sverbilov V.Y., Makaryants G.M., Makaryants M.V.
Physical principles of hydrodynamic non-stationarity effect on turbulent flow
Krayev V.M., Tikhonov A.I.
Numerical study of free convection in long vertical cylinder at constant vertical gradient of temperature on lateral surface
Khoroshev A.S.
Numerical simulation of gas temperature spatial distribution in a full-size gas turbine combustor and its one-burner sector
Kostyuk V.Y., Kirilash Y.I., Stasyuk A.V., Shein V.V., Karzov D.V.
Development of yield criteria for the calculation of forming high-textured anisotropic blanks
Grechnikov F.V., Yerisov Y.A.
Simulation of aircraft multistage axial turbine working processes taking into account over-shroud leakage flows and blading inflows
Baturin O.V., Popov G.M., Kolmakova D.A.
Model and technique of optimization of the schedule of financing of investment projects
Morozova S.A.
Test rig for a hydraulic drive under switched inertance control
Shorin V.P., Sverbilov V.Y., Gimadiev A.G., Greshniakov P.I., Ilyukhin V.N., Stadnik D.M.
Dynamics of feed water flow rate control system with low- noise regulator
Berestovitskiy E.G., Kizilov P.I., Kruchkov A.N., Pialov N.V.
Test verification of flow stabilizer calculated parameters provided flow stabilization of propellant in wide range of input parameters
Beshenev Y.A., Volkov A.V., Kazankin F.A.
Simulation of operaiting cycle by Petry nets
Zelenskiy V.A., Konnov V.P., Schodro A.I.
Peculiarities of gas temperature field formation at the exit of small-sized gas turbine engine combustion chambers
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Experimental analysis of flow separation in low thrust rocket engine nozzles with a profiled supersonic part of the nozzle
Shustov S.A.
Robust research of the fuzzy logic controllers using a fuel flow control loop of the gas-turbine engine as an example
Chicherova E.V.
Process of coating the inner surface of an inclined pipe and its mathematical modeling
Skvortsov B.V., Zaretskaya M.I., Zaretskiy I.S., Zhivonosnovskiy P.A.
Determining flow regimes around rocket boosters on a part of the launch orbit
Kharitonova A.N.
Practical application of the methodology of mature production process for pitomated work flow management technology
Puzakina E.J., Larin S.N.
Research of the zone of plasmachemical reactions in a supersonic air flow in the presence of nonquilibrium electric discharge
Yefimov B.G., Ivanov V.V., Inshakov S.I., Skvortsov V.V., Starodubtsev M.A.
Numerical simulation of low liquid flow in a mixer consisting of two centrifugal swirlers
Semkin E.V.
Analysis of transverse force in the case of flow about bodies of revolution at high angle of attack
Gumerov A.V., Gumerova L.V., Balzannikova Y.M.
Experimental study of a power absorber of accelerated fluid flow in pipelines
Gimadiev M.A., Gimadiev A.G.
Experimental investigation of turbulence of influence of the compressor’s out flow parameters on the hydraulics parameters resistance of separation diffuser of combustion chamber
Guryanova M.M.
Study of flow characteristics in straight-flow combustion chamber with sudden expansion
Egorov A.G., Zotkin V.I., Ivanin S.V.
Stewart platform pneumatic control system development and characteristic research
Greshnyakov P.I.
Peculiarities of solving three-dimensional problems of flow about a launch vehicle with large nose fairings using the ANSYS FLUENT software
Kharitonova A.N., Shakhov V.G.
Analysis of the causes of auger-centrifugal pump bearing destruction
Gafurov S.A., Rodionov L.V., Kryuchkov A.N., Makaryants G.M., Shakhmatov Y.V.
Analysis of the structure of the third variation of roll moment coefficient during hypersonic flow about bodies of revolution with small spatial surface variations on the basis of differential locality hypothesis method
Danilkin V.A., Kostin G.F., Mokin Y.A., Tikhonov N.N.
Flow conditioning downstream a pressure collector
Kalaev V.A., Khorobrov S.V.
Influence of turbulence models on calculated values of aircraft aerodynamic properties
Elisov N.A., Ishkov S.A., Shakhov V.G.
Computation of tip clearance effect on characteristic of low pressure compressor of engine RD-33
Abdelwahid M.B., Fedorov R.M., Fedechkin K.S.
Numerical modeling and experimental research of a two-phase liquid- gas ejector with a profiled supersonic nozzle
Lepeshinsky I.A., Reshetnikov V.A., Zarankevich I.A.
Switched-reactance control of pressure and flow as a way to increase energy efficiency of hydraulic drives – a state-of the-art review
Sverbilov V.Y., Stadnik D.M., Iliukhin V.N., Shamin D.V.
The influence of 3g and 4g vibration on the disperse structure of low-frequency and medium-frequency oscillation
Levkin Y.S., Lushkin I.A.
Computational research of multistage turbine flow taking into account flow spatial structure and associated volumes
Baturin O.V., Senchev M.N., Dzhibilov P.T.
Complex approach to aerodynamic design of inlet ducts with submerged vortex-free air intakes
Kornev A.V., Boychuk I.P.
The development of mathematical models of acoustic characteristics of the elastic porous material «metal-rubber»
Safin A.I., Igolkin A.A.
Calculation of lubricant flow in the slide bearing of the aviation engine reducer
Siluyanova M.V., Fertikov A.О.
Research of a seal work as an element of the air engine support
Vinogradov A.S., Rempel A.P.
Early detection of vibration behaviour of aircraft engine multistage axial compressor in pre-surge states during rig testing
Khorikov A.A., Danilkin S.Y., Mazikina T.I.
Simulation of turbulent flow in simple and complex diffuser channels
Davletshin I.S., Mingazov B.G., Yavkin V.B., Kesel B.A., Voskoboynikov D.V.
Research of liquid outflow from low-emission swirl injectors of a low-thrust liquid rocket engine
Semkin Y.V.
Efficiency of aft diffusers in vacuum systems of test benches for high-altitude firing tests of low-thrust liquid rocket engines
Galperin R.N., Gulyaev Y.I., Ivashin Y.S., Nigodjuk V.E., Ryzhkov V.V., Sulinov A.V.
Research of dynamics of initiation, propagation, growth and closure of bubble cavities and a supercavity in a pipe with decontaminated liquid under hydraulic impacts
1 1.
Process of forming mirror-shaped relief plates of folded structure
Khaliulin V.I., Gimadiev R.S., Markovtsev V.A., Levshonkov N.V.
Research of current and power interchange of swirled fluid streams in a hydraulic heat gentrator
Belozertsev V.N.
Model of a queueing system with non-stationary streams and partial mutual assistance between channels
Romanenko V.A.
Mathematical model of anisotropic elastic-plastic material
Grechnikov F.V., Yerisov Y.A.
Numerical simulation of the thermal-stress state of an highpressure compressor rotor with consideration for secondary flows
Temis Y.M., Selivanov A.V., Yurchenko G.G.
Optimization of the schedule of financing of the investment project on graphs of works for oil and transport branches
Morozova S.A.
The development of mathematical model of hydrodynamics of "tpapped" volume in the gear pump
1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
The analysis of methods of protection of onboard equipment of space vehicles from influence of factors of the electrostatic discharge
Kostin A.V.
Compressor blade erosion modeling
Gumerov A.V., Akmaletdinov R.G.
Hydrodynamic rinsing of hydrofuel system’ unflowing units
1 1.
Mixing processe research in 10…15 N thrusters
Salich V.L., Semkin E.V.
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