Estimation of tension of the surface layer of parts after hardening by different methods of surface plastic deformation

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A method of control of shot impact methods of surface plastic deformation is presented in the paper. The possibility of controlling the hardening process of parts made of titanic alloys in terms of deflection of plates made of carbon steels is shown. Because of differences in the resilient and plastic properties of materials and as they show different tendencies to hardening their deformation will occur with different speed and intensity over time. In the case of the greatest deflection of the testplate it may not be up to the required degree of hardening of the part made of another material. Cases of insufficient hardening or rehardening of the part’s surface layer may occur in controlling the hardening on plates made of U8A steel. One of the indices of the surface layer is its energy level, therefore the intensity of exoelectronic emission of the surface of the part treated can be used as a criterion of estimation of the stress-strain state of the surface layer. Non-destructive testing of hardening and finishing of the surface layer can be accomplished comparing the part tested with the reference standard.

About the authors

M. B. Sazonov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Associate Professor of the Department of Engine Production Technology

Russian Federation

L. V. Solovatskaya

Samara State Aerospace University


Senior teacher the Department of Engine Production Technology

Russian Federation


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