Assuring the durability of transport aircraft structure in multipurpose use based on the results of endurance and flight tests


An approach is proposed to determine the durability of transport aircraft wing structure in multi-purpose use. Relationships are obtained for durability calculations based on fatigue test results depending on typical flight profiles and their relative flying time in service. Dependences are obtained for the calculation of damages within the framework of the known discrete model of atmospheric turbulence. The possibility of refining the fatigue damage calculation using the experimental cumulative probability of flight overload increment is shown. Applying to Be-200ChS aircraft, the fatigue damage in firefighting flights obtained from flight test data was found to be 2.75 times greater than the value calculated by the known method.

About the authors

P. A. Fomichev

National Aerospace University named after N.E. Zhukovsky «KhAI», Kharkov

Author for correspondence.


Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

Head of the Department of Aircraft Strength

V. I. Kleptsov

Beriev Aircraft Company plc, Taganrog


Russian Federation

Deputy Chief of the Strength Department


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