Quality indices of an internal combustion engine controlled by the discharge current channel


The paper is devoted to the analysis of quality indices of automobile compulsory ignition internal combustion engines (ICE). The paper deals with the problems related to variations in fuel consumption and amount of exhaust gases when the ICE operation modes are controlled by the discharge current channel. The results of experimental analysis of quality indices for both serial and perspective piston engines are given. Complex evaluation of the efficiency of ICE control by the level of electromagnetic disturbance radiated is also given.

About the authors

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Samara State Aerospace University named after academician S. P. Korolyov
(National Research University)

Author for correspondence.
Email: sadohina@ssau.ru
Russian Federation

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Togliatti AVTOVAZ

Email: sadohina@ssau.ru
Russian Federation

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Togliatti AVTOVAZ

Email: sadohina@ssau.ru
Russian Federation


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