Locally optimal control of space tug motion between the libration points of the Earth-Moon system


The article deals with the locally optimal control of space tug transfers between the libration points of the Earth-Moon system using low-thrust engines. The control program was obtained using the Fedorenko method to find derivatives and a variable-step gradient method to optimize control laws. All flights were considered within the restricted three-body problem. The mathematical model of flight was described in a barycentric coordinate system. The total flight time was assumed as the optimization criterion. The disturbances from the Earth, the Moon and the Sun were taken into account. The influence of shadow zones created by the Earth and the Moon was examined. Laws of control, trajectories and values of the total flight time were obtained as a result of optimization.

About the authors

O. L. Starinova

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.
Email: solleo@mail.ru

Russian Federation

Doctor of Science (Engineering),
Professor of the Department of Space Engineering

M. K. Fain

Samara National Research University

Email: fain.maxim@gmail.com

Russian Federation

postgraduate student,
Department of Space Engineering


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