Assessing the strain-stress state parameters of cutting tools and parts during machining


The paper presents a method of choosing rational broaching conditions, the optimal geometry of the broach cutting tooth, assessing the strength parameters of broaches and parts using experiment planning and finite-element modeling. Mathematical models for accelerated calculation of geometrical, technological and strength parameters of broaches and parts and for the prediction of the values of these parameters under changed machining conditions are presented. The application of the technique makes it possible to increase the machining accuracy by using the models in calculations of metal cutting on multipurpose computer controlled machines.

About the authors

A. A. Stepanov

Space Rocket Center «TsSKB-Progress», Samara

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Principal Software Engineer

A. I. Haimovich

Samara State Aerospace University


Russian Federation

Candidate of Engineering

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Aircraft Engine Production


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