Technique of compensating errors in machining of parts with sculptured surfaces


Machining of parts with sculptured surfaces using computer numerical control equipment and the control of their geometry is accomplished by 3D-models describing the master part. The article presents a technique of compensation of manufacturing errors, based on the incorporation of coordinate measuring of the part geometry in the machining process. The proposed technique involves changing of the machining program by restructuring 3D-model of the part according to the information on deviations obtained after the measurement. The technique allows the analysis of the measurement results and on-line correction of control programs for CNC metalworking equipment. The analysis of the measurement results consists in determining whether it is necessary to compensate the errors, and filtering the random error components not taken into account in compensation. Operational adjustment of control programs for metalworking equipment makes it possible to improve the quality of its products and the efficiency of production processes. The developed technique was implemented in the MATLAB application software package.

About the authors

V. A. Pechenin

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

postgraduate student

Russian Federation


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