Algorithm of monitoring the ecological state of coastal waters in areas of heavy economic use


An algorithm of monitoring the ecological state of coastal waters is presented in the paper. The algorithm makes it possible to detect oil, mineral and organic coarse pollution, thin oil films, to estimate the concentration of mineral organic pollution in the surface layer. A method of identifying shallow water zones including sand-bottomed zones and waterline phytoplankton overgrowth is presented. The pollution level of the coastal zone of the city of Regency (Brazil) is estimated using the analysis of spectral-energy characteristics of polluted and nominally clean surfaces. On the basis of the estimates obtained clustering of the initial data on the component and the total level of pollution is performed. Conclusions are made concerning total pollution of the coastal waters under consideration. An example of data processing on the basis of the algorithm presented is discussed.   A hyperspectral image obtained with the help of the «Resurs-P» No. 2 satellite is considered.

About the authors

M. N. Guryeva

Ryazan State Radioegineering University

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation


Yu. N. Zhuravel

Space-Rocket Center «Progress», Samara


Russian Federation

Deputy Head of Department

R. V. Tishkin

Special Design Bureau «Spektr», Ryazan


Russian Federation

Candidate of Science (Engineering)
Head of Department


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