Possibility of using leo satellite communication systems for on-line data interchange


The paper presents the analysis of the possibility of using the information resource of the Globalstar LEO satellite communication system (LSCS) for rapid data exchange via the following channels: MCC – Globalstar – nanosatellite, nanosatellite – Globalstar – nanosatellite in order to receive telemetric information from a nanosatellite, to transmit necessary commands and information from MMC to a nanosatellite as well as to exchange data between two nanosatellites. The possibility of data transmission via the channels: MCC – Globalstar – nanosatellite, nanosatellite – Globalstar – nanosatellite is shown. The duration of communication sessions via the channel MCC – Globalstar – nanosatellite and the channel nanosatellite – Globalstar – nanosatellite is analyzed Potential volumes of data transmitted between two nanosatellites are determined.  Stochastic analysis of the possibility of data transmission between two spacecraft is performed and the possibility of data transmission between two spacecraft, depending on the data volume and load level of the Globalstar system is assessed. 

About the authors

D. D. Davydov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.
Email: davydovdenis.ssau@gmail.com

Post-graduate student

Russian Federation


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